Saturday, June 20, 2015

Work the Wardrobe Challenge: 2 Month Check In

I noticed that today I am 2 months into my 12 month Work the Wardrobe Challenge, in which my goal is that by April 19, 2016, I will have worn everything* I own at least once.

*Note that "everything" does not include all specialty items like interview suits, etc., but everything I consider part of my normal wardrobe.

I was curious to see how I was doing so far.  If I'm 2 months into a 12 month challenge, I would expect to have worn at least 2/12 = 17% of my items in each clothing group to be on track.  Here's my quick analysis.

6 owned, 4 worn = 66%

40 owned, 26 worn = 65%

10 owned, 5 worn = 50%

62 owned, 31 worn = 50%

30 owned, 14 worn = 47%

45 owned, 19 worn = 42%

44 owned, 17 worn = 39%

52 owned, 18 worn = 35%

59 owned, 20 worn = 34%
9 owned, 3 worn = 33%

7 owned, 2 worn = 29%

182 owned, 51 worn = 28%

39 owned, 7 worn = 18%

29 owned, 4 worn = 14%

But that doesn't account for overlap in the groups--I wouldn't wear a pair of pants and a skirt at the same time.  So here's the data by categories.

Footwear (shoes, boots)
50 owned, 31 worn = 62%

Hosiery (tights, leggings--note that I'm not bothering with socks)
13 owned, 6 worn = 46%

Accessories (scarves, necklaces)
114 owned, 49 worn = 43%

Toppers (cardigans, jackets, vests)
112 owned, 40 worn = 36%

Bottoms (pants, skirts, dresses)
104 owned, 37 worn = 36%

Tops (shirts, sweaters, dresses)
250 owned, 62 worn = 25%

So even though that's a conservative grouping (e.g., I might wear a dress and a sweater or a shirt and a sweater or a vest and a jacket), I'm still well over 17% in all my categories.  And, critically, even though I own an insane number of tops, I have plenty of time to wear them all--I have a bit over 300 days to wear 188 tops.

Dresses are the most under-worn clothing type, but we haven't yet hit a season that I consider prime dress-wearing weather.  I'm most likely to wear them in the summer (light versions) and in the winter (bundled up versions).

And let's not ignore the fact that DAMN, I have a lot of clothes.  Especially shirts.  What the hell?  I mean, yes, I have them in a variety of sleeve lengths, but that's still a kind of crazy number (182).

Well, arguably all these numbers are kind of crazy.

This reminds me of two things:
(1)  I have plenty of clothing;
(2)  If I try on/wear something that I feel at all meh about, I should probably get rid of it.

I had considered doing a cost-per-wear check in, but it's awkward because I have some items that are not yet worn and it's always tough to take an average when some of the values are infinity.  So that'll wait until a future check in when I've caught up with wearing my purchases.


Anonymous said...

It's good that you don't have more than 365 things in any category where you would wear only one per day! So your challenge is at least possible.

It's easiest at the beginning--later the temptation to re-wear things will be greater (the selection of not-yet-worn things will be smaller and you'll have already worn many of your favorites). Still, I'm impressed, especially with the accessories.

Debbie said...

Oops, that was me.

Sally said...

Yes, it will definitely get harder. I'm thinking now about how my wardrobe remains a bit spring/summer-skewed, with a lot of short sleeved tops, for example, despite living in a two-seasons-of-winter climate. It would be awkward to have a bunch left over to freeze my way through next March in--does it count if I wear a shirt underneath a sweater so it doesn't even show? Technically yes but it feels like cheating. This morning I went through the clothing list for summer-specific items and flagged them as high priority to wear while I can.

I was also surprised that I'd spread out my wears across the accessories as much as I have. I'm lucky that scarves are a year-round possibility here.