Monday, July 13, 2015

Vacation Day 2

Another early day--by 7:00, we were back at the same park as yesterday, hoping to catch a glimpse of the cerulean warbler.  We heard him singing in the same spot but despite walking around and waiting for an hour and forty five minutes, no luck.  But we did see a bunny!

We proceeded a short drive to the zoo (the one we've been at with Tam, not the one we've been at with my parents) and looked at a gazillion animals.

It was fun but god, after being on my feet from 7:00 to 1:30, with two breaks of about 15 minutes each for driving to the zoo and eating lunch, I was pretty footsore by the time we were done.  It was a warm day but not too bad (certainly not as bad as yesterday).

Here are a couple photos from our outing.

Some camels bathing in the muck, while another one flops out big-time on the dirt.

Two queen butterflies (that's the species name) at the butterfly garden--it was amazing.

A female gibbon, hanging out.

Striped Jungle Camo--Monday, 7/13/15

Striped top, an olive skirt, and leopard sunglasses are a super-cool combination. 


Here's my hot-day-on-summer-vacation version of Sarah's outfit.  I thought "jungle camo" was a fitting pattern to follow a trip to the zoo.  (To the zoo itself, I wore a zebra striped sleeveless shirt--also on point--and a black hiking skirt and hiking shoes.)

White/beige/black striped tank top (thrifted, Walmart--bought for exercise purposes)+
Olive/jungle/palm/faux camo etc. skort (Kohls), $3.84/wear+
Leopard bead necklace by RB+
Leopard flats (Nordstrom), $6.24/wear

In this close up, you can see the subtle pattern of the jungle camo fabric a bit better.  It's subdued enough that it mixes easily with another print (though obviously I do not shy away from crazy, clown-school-drop-out pattern mixes either).

And stay tuned tomorrow for something...well, a little bit different as Vacation Week continues!

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