Sunday, July 5, 2015

Third of Three

Wrapping Up the Weekend--Sunday, 7/5/15

Focal item: Green and white floral knit top

I have a light pink infinity scarf but I wanted to wear a particular floral top to further my Work the Wardrobe challenge.  Thus, I decided to attempt to replicate the softness of her palette in somewhat different shades.  However, I don't wear light denim, so that was out.  (I usually don't care for light denim, though it looks great in her outfit.  I veer between dark denim and very dark denim.  I just feel that it's more versatile and sharp.)


Let's try green and white and a hint of gold.

Green/white floral top (thrifted, Ann Taylor), $2.00/wear+
White blazer (thrifted, Liz Claiborne), $1.00/wear
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, Target), $0.71/wear
Green gumdrop necklace (Target), $15.60/wear+
Cream captoe flats by Anne Klein, $1.17/wear

I'm not generally a fan of mixing white and cream, but I thought the long expanse of seriously dark denim provided sufficient visual separation...and I like looking down on gold glittery cap toes.  (Although I admit that something about the shoes reminds me of cinnamon-dusted sopapillas.  Damn.)

I will not go so far as to assert that my outfit was the definitive Reverse Inspiration for these white wildflowers that popped up a few weeks ago amidst the greenery and shadows at the wildflower center, but I'm not ruling it out either.

Yet another indicator of my sartorial influence is Robert's outfit today.  Behold, a green and white shirt with jeans...

...and captoe feet.

Astonishing, no?

In other news...I am feeling completely wiped out today, quite sick, headachy, and wimpy.  It just took me 15 minutes to gather the energy to get up from my chair.  I don't know what's going on but I disapprove!  I guess it's good that this is the third of three weekend days so I get a normal weekend plus this sick day before going back to work.  (At the moment, the idea of going to work makes me want to cry because I don't want to do anything at all.  I considered and rejected the idea of watching television as too much work, if that gives you any indication where I am this afternoon.)

I'm not so sick that I couldn't do damage to a fresh batch of cinnamon-dusted sopapillas, though...just saying.

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