Sunday, July 19, 2015

Recovery Sunday

Flowers + Denim--Sunday, 7/19/15

Here is how one blogger took my Reverse Inspiration into the autumn season, with ankle boots and a loose cardigan.


But here's how we play it for July.

Navy/teal/blue floral tank (Kohls), $1.12/wear+
Denim skort (thrifted, Walmart), $2.50/wear
Blue beaded necklace by RB
Bright teal flats (Payless), $6.50/wear

Is it just me or do these blue wildflowers look a lot like the ones on my shirt?  I wish I had a better handle on wildflower species.  (I have been taking a lot of flower photographs this summer because they are such cooperative subjects!)  I thought maybe it would be easy to find out what kind these are on the garden's website but nope.  However, I did learn that this location was the first public wildflower garden in the US, opened in 1907. 

Further Internet research suggests that these might be spiderwort.  Well, of course that's what the web would say, hah.  (Mom, hope you like them despite the name!)

In other news...Robert has identified the frog that attacked me earlier in the week as a Northern Leopard Frog, our state amphibian.  (The Peterson field guide states: "This is the 'meadow frog,' at least in summertime, a name earned by its wanderings well away from water."  That certainly lines up with the terrain where I got attacked, nowhere near water.)  I guess knowledge of my love for leopard print has made its way to the amphibian ranks, so this frog thought that a brief splash of leopard print on my otherwise-non-leopard-print body would be welcome.  I appreciate the idea of this but give me some warning next time, frogs!


mom said...

The spiderwort is a lovely wildflower, in spite of it's name. I love wild flowers, especially the black-eyed susan. My mother had them the whole time I was growing up.

Sally said...

Mom, I remember that there used to be a huge swath of black-eyed susans that grew on the shoulder/ditch area on 12th St as we walked from our street to Adams Rd. That's where I learned to identify them :)