Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tiger Tiger

Coral Tiger--Wednesday, 7/22/15

For my parents' visit, I was looking forward to the chance to wear some casual summer outfits that did not require a sleeveless top (because we were not planning on spending a lot of time outside tromping around in the heat like Robert and I did last week).

Yep, that's the main thing I was looking forward to--sorry, Mom and Dad.  But come on, who wouldn't be excited at the opportunity to wear this focal item: a new tiger T!

Our Reverse Inspiration Player #1 is wearing a graphic T, magenta patterned bottoms, and a cardigan.  Good job!

Our Reverse Inspiration Player #2 is sporting magenta patterned bottoms and a tiger graphic T.  Rowr!  (She actually posted this photo after I'd put my outfit together a couple weeks ago, making it a rare temporally plausible inspiration, if one still dependent on a sixth or seventh sense.)

I am wearing a tiger graphic T, magenta patterned skirt, and a cardigan...and grooving on it. 

*Coral tiger T (Kohls), $10.31/wear+
Magenta paisley skirt (thrifted, Ann Taylor), $1.67/wear+
Black travel cardigan (thrifted, Chico's), $0.44/wear
Orange ballet flats (Payless), $5.00/wear
Black tooth/claw necklace (Outfit Additions), $1.56/wear

Who can resist this gorgeous face?  (Tiger + tooth/claw necklace = can't lose.)

It was fun to wear orange shoes instead of the more expected bright pink.  The skirt has a small bit of orange on it, which is matchy enough for me.

In other news...I remember when I was very young having a tiger T-shirt with what seemed to me to be a very realistic, perhaps photograph-based tiger image covering the entire front of the shirt, and perhaps an olive colored back and sleeves.  I wonder if that is a real memory or a fabrication/confabulation.  Well, if I didn't have such a shirt, I should have!

I asked my mom and she remembers this shirt, too.  She also reminded me that when I was very, very young, my dad's mom painted me a tiger T-shirt to wear to my dad's wrestling matches because the school he taught/coached at had a tiger mascot.  I'd forgotten that my grandma used to be into painting T-shirts, but thinking about it, I remember my sister and me going to her house a couple of times to paint T-shirts, which was pretty fun.  (I have enough negative memories of her that it's nice to be reminded that there were cool times occasionally, too.)

Her T-shirt painting days are well behind her now that she's 86 and developing memory problems.  My parents told me yesterday that recently she was able to remember that one of the girls (my sister and I) is pregnant but couldn't remember which one.  When my dad was like, So, which of the girls do you think would be having a baby, she said, Jenny.  Right in one!  She may be forgetting many things, but she's still got a handle on Jen's and my basic personalities.

Wait, have I mentioned my sister is pregnant?  My sister is pregnant!  I am going to be Aunt Sally!  I already have pinned a tutorial for how to make a bunny appliqued onsesie, so I'm getting prepared for this event.  My nephew is going to be another Christmas-season baby, like my dad and me, only much closer to Christmas than we are.  Will I be initiating him into the One Big Gift Club or taking the unbirthday approach?

Instead of tiger wall art, I offer you this sweet chubby little bunny that Robert has had since his rabbit-loving childhood.  (This is not a false memory because, voila, here it is.)  And a cat on a switch plate.  Because you just can't have too many cats.  OK, maybe you can have too many cats, but too much cat art?  I think not.  (This is in the short hall, across from Robert's bathroom.)

Also, though I don't have photographic evidence of this, I hope you will trust me when I say that my mom decided to wear a coral T-shirt and her same-brand black travel cardigan yesterday when she saw what I was wearing.  Awesomeness.


mom said...

We were matchey for 2 days, but broke the streak today. We don't want to be too matchey matchey. Although, the first day was an accident.

Sally said...

Mom doesn't want to admit that her bright pink shirt today matches my bright pink shoes...

jen said...

I think you're going to be a great aunt :)

Sally said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to it!