Friday, July 31, 2015

Finally Friday!

Something Fishy--Friday, 7/31/15

Such a girly ensemble, inspired by the style of the Emma Pillsbury character on Glee.

From whatwouldemmapillsburywear on Polyvore

I took this inspiration to put a purple top with a ruffle neckline, a denim pencil skirt, and mustard flats together.  I considered using my navy suiting pencil skirt, but it looked too dressy for the rest of my ensemble.  The end result is nothing like Emma Pillsbury, but I approve.

*Short-sleeved purple popover with ruffle neckline (thrifted, Gap), $4.00/wear+
*Denim pencil skirt (thrifted, Great Northwest Indigo), $2.50/wear+
Mustard flats by Mia, $1.40/wear
Fish charm necklace (Ann Taylor), $6.95/wear+
Not pictured:  Cream t-shirt cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves (Kohls), $1.71/wear (I did wear this part of the day when I felt cool in my office)

For an extra dose of whimsy*, I wore it with my fish charm necklace.  For some reason, I feel like this is a summer necklace, so that's when I tend to wear it. 

*My mom bought radishes when she was here, so if I'm full of whimsy, it's her fault.

If you look carefully at the photo (click to make it bigger), you can see an orange koi hiding among the lily pads in the pool at the Japanese gardens.

In other news...Great article by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar [one of my primary basketball heroes in my youth] on how race intersects with Western beauty standards for female athletes, with a focus on tennis players.  (Via Already Pretty.)  Here's a snippet:

"Sharapova, at 6 feet 2 and 130 pounds (Williams is 5 feet 9 and weighs 150 pounds), admits that that she wishes she could be even thinner: “I always want to be skinnier with less cellulite; I think that’s every girl’s wish.” (Is it? Should it be?) She says she does no weight training. “I can’t handle lifting more than five pounds. It’s just annoying, and it’s just too much hard work. And for my sport, I just feel like it’s unnecessary.” Yet she’s been beaten 17 times in a row by someone who has added that muscle necessary to excel."

Also, McSweeney's offers Toddler Discipline Made Easy for those who want to get a jump start on knowing how to deal with e.g. my sister's impending child.  (Via CorporetteMoms.)  "Rutabega and head cheese sandwich"....mmmm.

Happy Friday!  It was a long time coming this week.

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