Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Green/Pants/Training Week Day 2

All of the Stripes and Dots--Thursday, 7/7/15

I got some pattern mixing inspiration for my new striped blazer from this combination of polka dots with stripes.

From chicstreetstyle.me

Then this photo showed how fun that could be with green or teal pants.

From whatiwore.tumblr.com

This was especially nifty with my blazer because it already has a stripes/polka dots pattern mix.  I just added white on black polka dots to the black on white polka dots.  

*Black/white striped blazer with polka dot trim (thrifted, Jessica London), $9.99/wear+
*Black short-sleeved polka dot top (JCP), $25.00/wear+ [I don't know why this was so expensive]
Green pants (JCP), $4.40/wear
Black pointy-toed flats (Nordstrom), $3.12/wear
Silver pendant (thrifted), $1.43/wear+

I had not intended to go green three days in a row but that's how it worked out.

Maybe it's just all the summer greenery affecting my choices.  This dragonfly at the wildflower center certainly looks sharp against the green.

OK, let's take a stab at identifying the species--whoa, damn, there are a lot of dragonflies!  It's easy to distinguish the dragonfly from the damselfly.  Damselflies rest with their wings raised above the body, while dragonflies leave theirs out flat at rest, like this guy.  He has clear wings with obvious marks.  Given that I saw him at all, I think he's probably "common, conspicuous."  That suggests that we should investigate the skimmers.  And lo and behold, I think I've found him--four-spotted skimmer.  "A stocky brownish dragonfly of northern bogs and ponds."  (I'm using this Stokes guide for identification.)

In other news...Exhausted today after only 4 hours sleep last night but otherwise doing a lot better than yesterday.

Did you see the drone/fireworks video?  Extremely cool.

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