Wednesday, July 29, 2015

In the Middle of the Week

Outside My Comfort Zone--Wednesday, 7/29/15

I have a new maroon and black striped cardigan, which I thought would work well in a summer version of this otherwise-black ensemble.


My cocoon style cardigan was a little bit baggy with the high volume flared skirt on the dress (it's probably a better shape to wear with a pencil skirt), so I decided to try belting it.  I thought it looked pretty good.

*Black and maroon striped cardigan (Kohls), $11.04/wear+
*Sleeveless black dress (Old Navy), $15.00/wear+
Wide black belt (Target)+
Black/red flats by Ivanka Trump, $2.80/wear
Black tooth/claw necklace (Outfit Additions), $1.47/wear

One downside is that even thought the belt is elastic around most of its length (only leather in the front), it can still dig uncomfortably as the day wears on because it's so wide.  Next time, I will leave it unbelted because screw it, if it's a little loose and schlumpy looking, so be it.  What's the point of wearing a knit dress and a cardigan if it's going to be uncomfortable?

This male gibbon was a big believer in being comfortable--he spent most of the time we were watching him curled up asleep on that branch.  But I managed to catch him in a moment of alertness here.

In other news...Robert and I have started watching season 6 of The Mentalist and all I can say is, who the fuck cares who Red John is anymore?  I had been thinking this must be the last season but it looks like there's a 7th season too.  WTH?  I mean, don't get me wrong, I still like Patrick Jane but I wish he had something new to do.

Another program we've been watching, Longmire, recently incurred my wrath with the most egregious fake bird identification clue ever seen on screen.  They're looking at a photograph supposedly taken in South America or something and Sheriff Longmire recognizes a bird in the picture as being some made-up kind of meadowlark:

"It's the bird.
- A red-tip meadowlark.
- Yeah.
Wyoming native.
Don't go much further south than the bighorns."

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY??!!??1?1????!!!  That's the best they've got?  I'm very disappointed.

For the record, the only meadowlark in Wyoming is the Western Meadowlark, which is the state bird.  It does not have any red on it.  Its range goes south into Mexico.


Jesus F. Christ, people.


mom said...

I noticed the weird bird identification on Longmire. It was hard to ignore, but ignore I did. If I can believe in magic rings and magic schools I can believe in fake birds.

Sally said...

This is a place where I have issues. I too can believe in magic rings, magic schools, whatever--I can accept whatever big construction you want to throw at me. But the universe created needs to be consistent, and you have to get the details right...or right-ish (I make allowances for Star Trek, for example, where they sorta make shit up as they go along).

Are we to accept Longmire as taking place in a fantasy universe? A parallel universe in which the red-tip meadowlark is a local Wyoming bird [that never wanders to another place--hello, birds do that all the time! I just saw a wild tropic kingbird someplace that's a stone's throw from Canada!]? If it's fantasy, it's fantasy; if it's supposed to be a reflection of our actual world, then get real (-ish).

In this case, it was esp irritating because (1) it's a major plot device, (2) it's a clear fabrication in an area I know a lot about [and even if I didn't, the whole "birds fly" issue remains, and it doesn't take an expert to think of that], and (3) it was so fucking unnecessary--how hard would it have been to come up with another way for them to figure out that the woman is in Wyoming? It's like, eh, whatever, we can't be bothered to do better and nobody will notice anyway. Way to insult your audience.

This was not a (common) situation of "OK, they're playing loon calls while showing this lake in a place where loons do not breed and thus do not call because loon calls are eerie and evocative and they want to create a sense of atmosphere using the soundtrack." It was a huge break in solving their case!

ARGGGGHHHHH. Fuck you, lazy screenwriters!

mom said...

Way to go, Sally! You don't feel strongly about this or anything.

Sally said...

Lol. Everybody's got to have their little hobbies. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! There is no such thing as a red-tpped meadowlark. Same episode hemlock looks like elderberry, except for the berries. Seriously!? It wouldn't take much effort at all to get these ecological details correct. For an otherwise good show that purports to be rooted so strongly in a particular place, to just make this stuff up really breaks their credibility. Too bad.