Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

Ikat Believe It--Tuesday, 7/28/15

I wanted to wear my white pleated skirt again while it's still summer, and I liked the blue floral combination in this inspiration photo.

I went in a little bit different direction by using an ikat print top instead of a floral top (when I realized that the floral print top I'd picked out looked odd because it has an elasticized band at the bottom and was both too full and too short for the skirt).

*White/aqua ikat print knit top (thrifted, Kohls), $4.00/wear+
White skirt (thrifted, Chaps), $1.25/wear
Bright teal flats (Payless), $3.25/wear
Wild ball necklace (Macy's), $4.56/wear

This skirt is happiest when it's paired with a top that ends at about the place where the pleats start (i.e., are no longer sewn down).

My co-worker who previously commented on how my bright pink flats perfectly matched my bright pink pants mentioned today that she liked my shoes which perfectly match my top.  I'm feeling confident about getting her vote when I run for mayor of Matchy-Matchy Town.

We found this feather at the same park where we heard the singing cerulean warbler, and though I'd like it to be a cerulean warbler feather, it's probably a blue jay feather instead.

In other news...It was a weird-ass rainy day today, maybe that's why I felt intermittently sick at work all morning.  I was relieved to start feeling normal again after lunch.

This evening Robert realized that he'd worn his Wed. and Thurs. shirts to work on Mon. and Tues.  A disturbance in the force!  Maybe this sartorial mix-up caused emanations that made me feel ill. 

Yesterday after work I watched the movie Pitch Perfect while riding my exercise bike...for the full, nearly two hours of that film.  I felt a bit sore/numb immediately afterwards, but that went away pretty quickly.  The goofball antics of Rebel Wilson (mermaid dancing...it's a lot of floor work) plus lots of singing was apparently a really good distraction while exercising.

Plus, I am still loving coming home every other Tuesday to a clean apartment.  Thank you, crazy-efficient housecleaning person!


Tam said...

"Ikat believe it" reminded me of Pitch Perfect but I assumed it was a coincidence! I enjoyed that movie. I'll watch Rebel Wilson any day of the week. (Man, I love all the fat actresses. For real.)

Sally said...

Hah, it was a coincidence (I wrote the title before watching the movie). Aca-ikat!

mom said...

You wore the top I really liked. You don't know how close I came to taking it home with me.

Sally said...

It looked so good on you too! ;)