Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Independence Day

Simple Holiday Goodness--Saturday, 7/4/15

This is an interesting Reverse Inspiration--what you get when my Fourth of July outfit simultaneously wants to celebrate universal gay marriage in the US, possibly in a fall/winter season (although the shoes...)? 


My outfit isn't that ambitious, although with this colorblocking and my pale legs, I look a bit more like the Serbian flag than the situation strictly warrants. 

Long sleeved red T (thrifted, Lands End), $1.00/wear+
Denim skort (thrifted, Walmart), $5.00/wear+
Red/blue striped flats by Chinese Laundry, $2.00/wear
Red bubble necklace (Outfit Additions), $2.15/wear

This is what I suspect many people thought the Martian landscape looked like, before we had any photographic evidence of the reality.  I'm not sure what my cousin intended when he made this for me as a teenager, but it always says old school Martian landscape to me.  (It hangs in my bathroom.)

In other news...We had a balcony-centric Fourth of July.  Grilled brats with spicy mustard for a late dinner, then at 10:00 watched fireworks displays all up and down the river.  Couldn't get much more convenient than that.  (After about 20 minutes of watching fireworks, old associations kicked in and I had a brief intense craving for my mom's mom's potato salad, an incomparable treat.)

Are you scared of fireworks?  The sound of them scares me.  And watching them from the edge of the balcony, I had to go inside a couple times for a few minutes because I was getting vertigo.  It was better when I stayed away from the edge but never completely went away.  But unlike some people, I don't remember ever being afraid of sparklers, despite the fact that I'm holding something that is burning--it's always the sound that gets to me (along with the vertigo from looking up, which happens even when I'm standing on the ground).


mom said...

Aunt Kay learned how our mother made her potato salad, so the potato salad crown has been passed on to her. We had some yesterday and it was pretty darn good!

Sally said...

I wondered whether you guys got together yesterday and Kay made the potato salad. Of course, I don't know whether you'd let her in the house on the Fourth of July without it ;)

jen said...

We considered finding a place to see the fireworks from across the bay, but the city was all fogged in as usual so we skipped it. We saw a few going off elsewhere where it was clear. Audrey certainly shares your fear of the sound!

Sally said...

Audrey and I could hide together under the sofa...