Monday, July 27, 2015

Back in the Saddle

Invested--Monday, 7/27/15

I found two inspirations for wearing my new navy striped top with bright pink.

First, you can wear it with a bright pink pencil skirt, a navy cardigan, and a statement necklace.

Second, wearing it with beige works, too.

I combined these two approaches, most closely following the lead of our first blogger.  I changed up the proportions and substituted a vest for the cardigan to be a little better in sync with our summer weather.

*Navy striped short-sleeved knit top (JCP), $7.99/wear+
Bright pink pencil skirt (JCP), $3.01/wear+
*Navy open weave cardigan vest (thrifted, Tommy Hilfiger), $3.75/wear+
Pink floral statement necklace (Target), $1.89/wear
Cream/pink/blue floral flats (Payless), $4.33/wear

I incorporated the beige color by wearing these floral flats.  My first instinct was to wear either bright pink or blue/navy shoes but I like the subtle print mixing of these shoes, which are a sort of like a nude shoe (i.e., shoe that is similar to your skin tone) with a twist.

I haven't posted an apartment photo for a while, so here is the part of our dining room that borders on the balcony (behind the shades to the left). 

In other news...I always dread going back to work after a break (though less after a vacation than a sick day, I still do somewhat), so I was surprised not to feel that way this morning.  However, the alarm clock woke me from a dream in which I'd left my PhD program and enrolled in the only masters program I could find that would accept all my coursework as transfer credits.  This was a program designed to prepare you as a coach for participants in a particular kind of beauty pageant in which the talent segment was replaced by 3-4 specific competitions involving vacuum cleaners.  This is ludicrous on every level.  So I guess I woke up to the fact that I have a normal job to go to with a sense of relief.

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