Thursday, July 9, 2015

Green/Pants/Training Week Day 4

Back in Green--Thursday, 7/9/15

Looking for ideas to wear my new white pants with narrow black stripes, I decided to search on seersucker pants, and I found this ad from BR featuring seersucker pants with a green top.


I definitely lost the slouchy look on the model by wearing a tighter-fitting green top and adding a black cardigan to wear in the often-cool conference room where our training session was being held.  (It's disconcerting how in the photos I look like I am wearing light beige pants, which I loathe to wear!)

(For full disclosure, I should note that after seeing these pictures, I traded out the shorter silk shell pictured here with a longer green T-shirt.  The longer length looks better and, more importantly, due to the low-waisted nature of the pants, lowers the risk of flashing somebody.  I need to remember that these shell tops are the perfect length to wear with skirts but not with pants!  I don't think I'd tried wearing one with pants before.  I didn't feel like taking the photos a second time today so you get what you get.)

*White pants with black stripes (thrifted, the Limited), $4.50/wear+
Green short-sleeved top (thrifted, Lands End), $2.00/wear+
Maroon flats (Payless), $8.50/wear
Red ribbon necklace (Kohls), $5.90/wear+
Black cardigan (Walmart), $0.83/wear

But see, the pants really do have stripes.  They are faint black stripes that look almost grey or blue--maybe I should have worn a grey or blue cardigan instead so the contrast wouldn't be so jarring.  Oh well.  There's always next time.

Last week, while we were at Michael's buying a frame, Robert remembered again that he really wants a clean/dirty magnet for our dishwasher, like my parents used to have, for indicating the status of the dishes.  You know, something like this.

They didn't have one but I thought, Hey, it's a craft store--we can buy the supplies to make one.  And then I thought, It doesn't have to say "clean" and "dirty" on it.  We just need something that has clear upright and upside down positions that we can remember the upright is Clean and the upside down is Dirty.  We quickly found this cute lion with a big shaggy mane that looked just right--clearly, when the lion's mane is down, it's going to get dirty.  We bought some stick-on magnet disks and we were in business...or so we thought. 

I had no problem getting the magnets to stick to the lion, but when I tried to put the lion on the dishwasher--uh oh.  The dishwasher door is not magnetic!  OK, well, time to improvise.  Instead of trying to figure out an alternate solution to getting the lion to stick to the dishwasher, I turned around to the refrigerator directly across from it and tried the magnet--it sticks, good.  So that's where the dishwasher clean/dirty lion indicator lives now.

And for the last couple days, every time I go to the fridge, I am reminded of the status of our dishes.  Not that it matters to me because I have literally NEVER used our dishwasher but someone is using it (or is turning the lion round and round for fun) because he moves from upside down to upright to upside down again.

Fortunately, our lion has no vestibular system so this movement does not bother him at all.

In other news...I do not understand adults wearing rompers, which is apparently a big fashion trend for grown-ass women right now. When I want to combine a toddler sartorial vibe with the inconvenience of having to get completely undressed to take a piss,, I guess wearing a romper is your best option for this in summer.  In winter, though, what do they wear--full body footie pajamas?

UPDATED:  This is how to do a one-piece outfit--use two pieces!  YES!

I am absolutely KILLING the training we're doing this week.  I kind of can't believe how much I already know about the tool.  After training yesterday, our department head asked me if I'd done this in another life.  I guess hitting ahead against the wall for a long time on really hard stuff has made the easier stuff...well...pretty easy.  Tomorrow is a working session in which the trainer will be helping us with the projects we're working on, and I'm kind of looking forward to jumping into the project that exists on paper and in my head but that I haven't started yet.


mom said...

We still have the clean/dirty magnet for the dishwasher. We've had it forever!

Sally said...

Hah, that's great :)