Monday, July 6, 2015

Green/Pants/Training Week Day 1

Calm Before the Storm KILL EVERYONE--Mon, 7/6/15

The question of what to wear with my new, light pink top found a simple answer in this ensemble color recommendation by Angie.

Of course, her pieces all look modern and elegant and stylish, whereas my outfit has a timeless that I could enter any period of fashion history and not look "current."  It has a bit of that "fashion-orthogonal middle-aged elementary school teacher in a comfortable outfit" thing going.  It's not frumpy, but it's quite possibly frumpy's cousin.  Well, as long as it's not dumpy, grumpy, thumpy, lumpy, or stumpy... 

*Pink eyelet front knit top (Kohls), $19.99/wear+
Olive pants (thrifted, Coldwater Creek), $1.00/wear+
Green "gumpdrop" necklace (Target), $10.40/wear
Olive leopard flats (Nordstrom Rack), $14.99/wear
[Not pictured but added when I saw it was raining, just in case my office was chilly, which it was--cream 3/4 sleeve cardigan (Kohls), $2.00/wear]

The eyelet front does give the top a somewhat bumpy appearance, but I'm sort of bumpaphobic, so I'd rather not think about that.  Are there no members of the "Umpy" family that have a positive connotation?

Maybe I'll have to settle for jumpy.  Jumpy like a jackrabbit?  Hah, I can only aspire to such athletic capacity...though I definitely have a rabbit-like startle reflex.  (And if wearing a leopard print on my feet gave me cat-like speed and agility, I'd be one of the fastest ones out there.)

Pardon me while I have a strange (musical) interlude:

"Jackrabbit Man, Jackrabbit Man
Doing the things a jackrabbit can
Eat some grass, hop really fast
Jackrabbit Man"

A few days after putting this outfit together, I came across a great Reverse Inspiration...from an actual (not middle-aged) second grade teacher.   


Yeah, the skinny jeans vs. big khaki style pants make a real difference in how modern the outfit looks--but I kind of love my big khaki style olive pants.  They make my thighs and hips pretty happy, and I'm not going to argue with that.  (I am, however, going to continue to hold the line against the big khaki style tan/beige pants.  Not gonna do it.)

Here is a view of the short hallway toward our bathrooms and bedrooms.  On the left I've framed two sets of animal postcards that I purchased on a vacation to the Pacific Northwest.  On the right we have an Audubon print of rabbits and an Alexander Wilson print of a kingfisher (and a few other small birds).  This hallway is also my ironing station--I set up the ironing board against the wall just beneath these delightful animal pictures.

This reminds me that I have other postcards I've been meaning to frame and hang up.  I need to go through my stash and figure out what kind/size of frame(s) I need to do that.

In other news...Today was the only normal work day of the week.  From Tues-Fri, we have all day training in our new visualization tool.  I've been expecting to be all over the place--tired, bored, WTF?, over-heated, chilled (we will be in two different rooms with different temperature profiles over the course of the week), frustrated, headachy, hungry, and I hope a little bit eager and sometimes enjoying myself.  (I'm one of the 3 people in the training who are at work before 8:30, when the training starts, so I've got a bit of an advantage over my co-workers who are used to rolling in at 9 or 10 or later.)

But the bad news is that the illness I had Sunday, and that I'd hoped had passed, came back this afternoon stronger than ever--it started with a migraine and developed into nausea, stomach ache, body aches, and congestion as well.  (The only thing missing from this is a fever, which I expect will be developing at some point before I'm through.)  I came home from work early this afternoon and have been a mess ever since.  (If I hadn't written the main body of this blog post over the weekend--when I was clearly completely delirious, I mean what the hell was all that?, but not feeling sick--you would have gotten I'M SICK AGAIN WAAAAAAAAH and nothing else.  I had to revise the sub-title of this post in light of these events.)

So now I'm just hoping for "not so sick I want to cry" as the week/training progresses.

Oh, and in the meeting this afternoon that happened right after my migraine hit, I found out about all this extra work on a project that I thought was finished (though I should have known that the initial analysis would be met with a flurry of panic and requests for more), and I'm not seeing how I'm going to do any of it because we have training all the rest of this week and next week I am (supposed to be) on vacation.  I am filled with a combination of dread and rage over this, which right now is mostly rage.  Like, if I had the strength, I would kill these people with my mind level of rage.  I'm way too sick to be dealing with this fucking shit right now. 

So this is the start to my shitty week (or two weeks).  I expect it's all downhill from here.


Tam said...

The widish-leg khakis are definitely more office-appropriate than skinny leg pants. They keep the outfit from being too...[wait for it]...rumpy.

mom said...

I agree with Tam. Skinny leg pants are certainly inappropriate for the office.

Sally said...

Good point, y'all--I definitely am not lacking in the excessive rumpiness department.