Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Rabbit Friday

Bunny Dress Redux--Friday, 7/24/15

It's very difficult to find specific sartorial inspiration for a black and beige rabbit print dress, so I'm looking at black and white patterned dresses instead.

This one, with a blue cardigan and cute patterned scarf, would probably have worked a bit better in late May than late July, but what the hell.  I'll try it.


I love how this Art Deco silk scarf works with the rabbit print--the black and brown colors are so nice with it.

Rabbit dress (eShakti), $17.50/wear+
Blue T-shirt knit cardigan (Lands End), $7.50/wear+
Silk Art Deco scarf (thrifted, Adrienne Vittadini), $4.67/wear+
Mustard flats by MIA, $1.56/wear+

I also picked up the blue (in the cardigan) and the mustard (in my shoes).  Wearing a cardigan was kind of pushing it--a lot of the day, I just didn't.

I didn't see any rabbits at the zoo, but I did see this White Rabbit's Foot Fern.

In other news...An interesting article on the unpaid emotional labor of women.

Also, Tam sent me this Pixels movie review, which is absolute genius (though profanity-filled, be warned).  I'm glad to know to avoid this movie like...well, a million things horrible things the critic says it is.  I might otherwise be attracted to it despite the Adam Sandler factor, but NO.  If you feel a twinge of interest in this movie because "classic video games, how can I resist" despite yourself, step back and read (or re-read) Ready Player One until the feeling abates.  You should read Ready Player One regardless (Infocom forever!).  And we can hope that Spielberg doesn't screw up the movie version, if that actually happens.  (I am sorry to see that Armada by the same author does not come close to living up to the high standards of his first book.  Not sure whether I will be reading it or not.)

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