Sunday, May 31, 2015

Life Style Challenge Week 13

A Navy Floral Print Scarf--Sunday, 5/31/15

Although this inspiration outfit is not my style (I don't do distressed jeans with heels and a logo handbag), I liked the ingredients of grey top, jeans, light blue jacket/cardigan, bright pink shoes.


It's been quite a while since I've worn this cardigan, so I was glad to get it back into play (and then check it off my Work the Wardrobe challenge for the year).

Light blue one-button cardigan (Lands End)+, $5.83/wear
Grey short-sleeved T (Kohls)+, $0.95/wear [yay]
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, JCP), $0.28/wear
Bright pink flats (Payless), $6.50/wear
*Navy/pink floral scarf (Kohls)+, $11.17/wear

But obviously I wasn't able to resist wearing this ensemble with my new floral scarf, the latest in a (perhaps rash) series of dark floral scarf purchases.  I feel that it's not possible to have too many scarves, though I am sorta testing that idea these days.  So far, it holds up.

Today's apartment photo is from Robert's bathroom, which is decorated in navy, white, and (as you'll see later) yellow.  This MC Escher picture was from a calendar I had a gazillion years ago--I just liked it so well, I decided to frame it.  Don't you think Robert's shower curtain is awesome?  It has a zip-in liner, a transparent upper section so that you can see out easily, and built in hooks to attach to the shower rod (which are so much easier than the plastic rings my more traditional shower curtain uses).

Life Style Challenge Week 13

(1)  No bread, no pasta, no rice
(2)  Cardio exercise for 30+ minutes, 4 days a week
(3)  Strength training exercise for 10+ minutes, 2 days a week
(4)  Average 2 or fewer Triscuits per day
(5)  Continue flaxseed oil/cod liver oil regimen
(6)  Continue fruit crumble/exercise bribery scheme
(7)  Continue identifying/preparing/eating alternatives to almond butter and chocolate

A few things I have been eating at home as a (partial) substitute to almond butter and/or dark chocolate include: sweet and savory roasted sweet potato, butter lettuce with olive oil/salt/pepper (I have been skipping the vinegar since Robert suggested and I verified that vinegar is an upset stomach trigger), roasted bell peppers, and of course the pre-exercise fruit crumble.  In my lunches this week, I took a baggie with petite baby carrots and a single-serving container of ranch dressing.  In my ideal world, I would avoid ranch dressing because it has soybean oil in it; in reality, I'm eating some ranch dressing.  I seem to be handling the extra omega-6 oil OK--I haven't had any issues with inflammation bothering me.  Perhaps the combination of my flaxseed regimen, my daily fish consumption (it's my go-to dinner), my daily krill oil pills, and the fact that I otherwise don't eat very much omega-6 oil is enough to offset the omega-6 oil in the ranch dressing.  We'll see what happens as I continue to eat it as part of my work lunches.

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