Saturday, May 30, 2015

High and Dry

A Sunny Day, a Third Floor Apartment--Saturday, 5/30/15

We're in a sunny window from now until (supposedly) Wednesday, with temperatures increasing from highs of 63 F to the low 80s F by the end of the week and rain starting Thursday until...who knows?  Forever?  It feels like we've had quite a bit of rain this month but Texas is setting a new standard for "a lot of rain."  They've had enough rain in May to cover the entire state in 8" of water.  That's a lot!

Meanwhile, I'm just continuing to wear jeans, stripes, cardigans, scarves, and ballet flats in subtly different combinations.  Here's a woman in sandals and jeans rolled up short. (Would it be tacky to say "Expecting a flood?"  Yeah, I guess it would.  But at least she lives in Colorado and not Texas or Oklahoma.)


I created a bootcut jeans/ballet flats version of this outfit.  I wouldn't have thought to pair a light pink scarf with a dark teal cardigan, but I like it. 

Black and white long-sleeved striped T (Kohls)+, $1.27/wear
Dark teal drapey cardigan (Coldwater Creek)+, $3.75/wear
*Light pink infinity scarf (Walmart)+, $2.50/wear
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, JCP), $0.29/wear
Black floral flats (Payless), $6.50/wear

Robert and I did some grocery shopping at Walmart last weekend and I picked up a scarf that was $5.  That's a good deal, $5 for a scarf, I said to Robert.  And he pointed out that the package contained TWO scarves for $5!  So I got the scarf I was initially interested in plus this light pink one.  I wasn't sure about it at first because it's such a light color, but when I put it up to my face, my skin tone looked fabulous.  I might not be a huge fan of pale pink but my skin is.

The bunny art continues with this sweet Peter Rabbit print from my office, where all the pictures on the wall have rabbits.  It's my Fortress of Lagomorphs.

In other news...I am really kicking ass this week with the exercise.  Last night I did 55 minutes on my bike, then another 35 minutes or so of strength training, including a bunch of the exercises for strengthening the muscles around my knees that I think of as my physical therapy.  I haven't been doing the weight lifting very long but I'm already to the point that it's time for me to go up to the next level of dumbbells for at least some of the exercises.  (My biceps seem particularly strong, for example.)

I made a deal with myself last weekend that in order to protect myself against exercise-induced blood sugar crashes (one of which I had last weekend), I would eat a serving of fruit crumble prior to exercising, but not otherwise eat it--it's got fruit, so it's high in (natural) sugars, which is good for keeping me from passing out while exercising but is potentially problematic otherwise.  Well, I guess the fruit crumble is so good, and exercise has become (psychologically and physically) easy enough that I wanted to do it every night.  I'm going to continue this fruit crumble self-bribe strategy for a while, though my plan is to subtly decrease the serving size with each new one that I make. 


mom said...

I never thought I'd see you wearing pink! But, I could have told you pink looks great with your skin.

Sally said...

Thanks. I think light pink must flatter my skin the way light lavender does yours.