Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Working the Faded Floral T

Something Irresistible-ish--Wednesday, 8/26/15

I've complained about the premature fading on the back of my Eddie Bauer floral T before, and it continues to be a source of irritation...but not enough for me to get rid of it quite yet.  My feelings about this shirt are ambivalent--it sparks joy (from the front) and annoyance (from the back).  I decided to wear it with the back covered up to see if the joy-to-annoyance ratio was in the desirable range.

Our Reverse Inspiration photo features a bright summery outfit, in which I feel confident that all garments are in top notch condition.  Her pink cardigan has nothing to hide.


My pink cardigan is what makes this outfit wearable at all.  But what can I say, I still love that bold floral design.  And with this skirt in the exact same shade of beige/light brown, the combination almost looks like a dress with a pattern on the top.

Light brown linen skirt (thrifted, Ann Taylor), $1.00/wear
Beige graphic T with lavender/peach flowers (Eddie Bauer), $5.00/wear+
Pink/beige shrug (thrifted, 212 New York), $2.50/wear+
Orchid flats by Born, $2.50/wear
Purple gumdrop necklace (Target), $4.46/wear+

Outfit total: $15.46/wear

I have even determined that I can make the top work in cooler weather by wearing it with the bright pink/coral/beige tweed jacket that I bought this summer.  So despite its major flaw, I expect to keep this floral graphic T in my wardrobe for a while longer.

When I put on my cardigan, the tags on the inside (one for the brand and an especially long and stiff one for the other information) scratched the back of my neck terribly.  About one minute with a seam ripper later, and ahhhhh, the delightful feel of tag-free clothing.  (The top, like almost all knit tops I've bought in recent years, does not have a tag at the neckline.)

More prairie flowers for your enjoyment.  This is a nice blend of black-eyed susans and some type of thistle (the purple ones).

(Did you recognize "something irresistible-ish" as a quote from The Muppet Movie?  I think I'm satisfied with my wear-under-another-layer floral graphic T and am not waiting for something better to come along.  Although I wouldn't turn it down if it did.)

In other news....Tam is encouraging me to try a Reverse Inspiration of an outfit I wore in a photo taken in about 1992 or 1993 at college.  I'm feeling quite daunted at the prospect of getting anywhere near the territory of high-waisted tapered leg jeans in a pale blue color.  This challenge will take some thought.


Tam said...

That cardigan is really short (vertically). It's almost like a shrug. I didn't know garments existed that were intermediate between what I think of as normal cardigan lengths and shrugs.

Sally said...

Yes, it's kind of an odd length (hence I couldn't decide whether to call it a shrug or a cardigan). I have seen a few other cardigans that are decidedly short (though longer than a shrug) and more cardigan shaped (while this one seems shrug shaped) that have been styled with dresses. I don't know. I didn't mind this length with my two piece pseudo dress anyway.