Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bunday Outfit

Denim Lapin--Sunday, 8/9/15

Can I even say how much I love Alice's combination here?  Graphic T, denim shirt, striped skirt, bright pink flats--all fab.

Arguably the only drawback to her ensemble is that she doesn't have a French bunny T.  Luckily, I do, thus bringing this combination to its apotheosis. 

*Grey/black striped knit skirt (thrifted, Loft), $5.99/wear+
*Denim shirt (thrifted, Target), $2.99/wear+
French rabbit top (Macy's), $1.76/wear
Bright pink flats (Payless), $2.60/wear

Yes, you shall worship it as a god.  Altogether now--Mon Dieu!

If you've noticed that some of my thrifted items lately have prices ending in .99 instead of .00, those are ones that I bought at the not-Goodwill thrift store on the July 3 holiday.  I was so, so thrilled to find another striped knit pencil skirt--I like that the grey/black stripes give it a more subtle pattern than the bright white/black skirt I already have.  And seriously, you cannot beat these knit skirts for comfort.

I'm not the only fan of bright pink around here.  The Julia butterfly loves it, too.

In other news...During yesterday's TV binge, I watched an episode of Community in which, during a conversation about booty, either Abed or Troy commented that they were in the mood for some Pirates Booty.  OMG.  I've now finished watching the first 3 DVDs of Season 1 and I continue to hugely enjoy the show.

I'm still feeling very sick today.  Exhausted, sore throat, and a horrid on-and-off headache.  Bah.  I'm annoyed that the weekend is almost over, and I spent it all feeling so crappy.  God, I hope I feel better tomorrow morning than I do now!

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