Thursday, August 13, 2015


Dressing Simply for Warm Weather--Thursday, 8/13/15

A noon baseball game with high temperatures in the upper 80s calls for the kind of outfit I don't usually wear in Coldville/Snow City.  I went with something as lightweight, basic, and comfortable as possible.  No layering, no jewelry, nada.

*Red cargo skirt (thrifted, Karen Scott), $5.99/wear+
Black exercise tank (Kohls)
Red/black plaid sneakers (Rocket Dog)

On Wednesday, I stayed home sick from work and wore another variant of this combination: teal exercise tank, navy knit skirt, blue and white striped Rocket Dog sneakers.

Contain your excitement over my mad styling skilz.

I had a lot of the fun at the game, and the Rangers won 6-5, which was nice.  They also had a KFC cam going around videoing people doing the chicken dance.  Sadly, Robert was not given the opportunity to perform.

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