Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Flower

But Maybe Not Showers--Friday, 8/21/15

I love the blouse this woman is wearing in her Reverse Inspiration outfit.  Add jeans and red shoes and you're done.


This is the navy floral top that I had wanted to wear with my striped blazer but the Target sleeves defeated me.  So I decided to wear it on its own.  I know it must seem like I do not realize you can wear a shirt without a cardigan, vest, blazer, scarf and/or necklace, but once in a while, I remind myself of this.

Navy/red/teal popover blouse (thrifted, Old Navy), $1.33/wear+
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, Target), $0.56/wear
Red buckle flats by Me Too, $3.57/wear+

Outfit total: $5.46/wear

I love the vibrant floral pattern and colors of this top, so I'm glad it worked out for me to wear it alone with denim (despite how well it works with a multitude of colors).

Speaking of a multitude of colors, I am happy that my living room has plenty of space for me to put up two drying racks (to hold my rainbow array of washed clothing) next to the bar without them getting at all in the way.  This is also mega convenient because the laundry closet is in the living room as well.

In other news...OK, how amazing is this dress sewn from fabric whose pattern is an image of the Carina Nebula?  It's almost enough to make me want to sew a Colette Myrtle dress of my own.  Almost.  How would I ever pick just one rabbit fabric?  That's also going to be pricey.  Maybe the combination of indecision, cheapness, and laziness will keep me from doing it, but man...that's a nice looking dress.  Also, I really like the Colette sizes their patterns in recognizable modern store-bought sizes and make this pattern available for sizes XS-3X!  The traditional big-name pattern makers typically have separate (limited and inferior) patterns for plus-sizes.

I just placed an order on ThredUp, hoping to get a fancy dress for Robert's mom's evening/cocktail wedding.  I wasn't super-excited about wearing a black dress (the ones they had that I liked were black, not surprisingly) because I don't need another black dress.  However, if I can get one for $20 on ThredUp then I can spend the $100+ I saved from buying a fancy dress in another color to buy things I will actually wear more than once.  And yes, I checked and basically every expert on the Internet says it's perfectly fine to wear a festive black dress to a wedding, particularly an evening one.  I'm thinking gold shoes, a big sparkly necklace, and a fancy/pretty clutch. 

At work today I solved a problem that no one had figured out yet in our new reporting tool.  I'm not thrilled with my solution because it limits the way my visualization can look, but fuck yeah, I'm counting it as a victory. 


Dad said...

At work we are going to upgrade our accounting software, so I will probably get the "opportunity" to figure a bunch of new stuff out in the next few months. We switch software packages in the revenue dept. often and there are usually "unexpected consequences," but this upgrade is going to affect accounting, inventory, payroll, and many other parts of our reporting system.

Sally said...

Oh boy, that sounds like a huge change that's likely to have everything in a muddle for a while. Good luck!

Meanwhile, there are rumors that we will be upgrading our operating systems to a newer version of Windows and that we might get Microsoft Outlook as our new email/calendar system to replace the Lotus Notes we currently have. Yes, Lotus Notes, like we're stuck in the 1990s! I would say that Lotus Notes manages to screw up my meetings about 20% of the time. If it's a repeating meeting and someone tries to change just one instance of it, it's pretty much guaranteed that something will be screwed up--all the meetings will be moved to a different day/time, or the instance they're trying to move will stay where it is, or the whole thing will disappear from my calendar entirely.