Monday, August 3, 2015

How I Do Office Boho Style

With a Ton of Pattern Mixing, Apparently--Monday, 8/3/15

In this Reverse Inspiration, Gracie is not doing anything boho, but she is print mixing with vintage and polka dots, and clearly loving it.


This green/grey/black cardigan was one of the very few things I purchased when I went thrift shopping with my mom.  (I also got a pair of men's exercise shorts and a pair of shoes, I think.)  I'm always interested in expanding my short-sleeved cardigan collection to bolster my summer layering options, and when I tried this on one in the store while wearing my grey polka dot knit pencil skirt, I knew I had a winning combination.

*Green/grey short-sleeved cardigan (thrifted, Macy's), $6.99/wear+
Grey polka dot knit skirt (Kohls), $5.60/wear
Black T (Target), $1.75/wear
Pewter owl necklace (Kohls), $2.36/wear
Olive leopard flats (Nordstrom Rack), $9.99/wear

I had to take this opportunity to bring some leopard print into the mix.  When I was deciding on a necklace, I thought the 70s style hinged owl pendant would work with the vaguely boho style of the cardigan.  (Something about the green earthy/heathery print and the drapey style gives it a slight 70s boho vibe to me.)  But I resisted pairing this with anything fringed or embroidered or beaded or flared.  No distressed brown leather or headbands or huge loop earrings or over-sized sunglasses or floppy hats.  Just owls and leopards and basic black.

On the topic of green earthy things, I am pretty pleased by how well this butterfly photo turned out.

In other news...Today my office mate and I were talking about poison ivy, and she told me she swears by Tecnu, a cleanser that prevents the oil in poison ivy from bonding to the skin.  She was introduced to the product by her sister, a chemist who is highly sensitive to poison ivy.  Keep this in mind next time you think you might have contacted poison ivy!

Oh, I also wanted to say, man, I loved coming out from work this afternoon and finding it somewhat on the cool side.  We're supposed to be staying under 80 F all week--I hope it's true.


mom said...

I love the butterfly photo. Gorgeous!! I will keep a note of the poison ivy treatment and try to get some. As you probably know Dad is very allergic to it.

Sally said...


And yes, I was definitely thinking of Dad when hearing about this product. A useful thing to have on hand.