Sunday, August 16, 2015


Spotted Black--Sunday, 8/16/15

I was inspired by two different but family-resemblance-similar outfits for today's ensemble...which should have been Wednesday's outfit, but I was sick enough to dress way down.

First, another appearance by Alice, rocking a black polka dot top, short-sleeved aqua cardigan, black pants, and black-and-white shoes.


MK demonstrates a dressier version with a grey skirt.


But Sally wouldn't be Sally without blindingly white legs some gratuitous pattern mixing.  Enter a black skirt with small white flecks and floral ballet flats.

Black space dye pencil skirt (Old Navy), $3.33/wear+
Short-sleeved black and white polka dot top (JCP), $12.50/wear
Short-sleeved aqua cardigan (thrifted, Loft), $2.50/wear+
Black floral ballet flats (Payless), $3.25/wear

Outfit total: $21.58/wear

I was this close to wearing a blue leopard scarf with this outfit but pulled back from the brink at the last moment.  Because I figured it would be too warm.  Wait, what, did you think that was a stylistic decision?  Four different prints would not be too much for my taste.

The black-with-pattern-mixing theme extends to my kitchen as well.  I see a plaid, two fruit prints, and an animal print (well, if a brightly colored cat head counts as "animal print."  This photo caught my kitchen at a strange moment because there would usually be two towels draped on the oven handle--the dish drying one (pictured) and a hand drying one (not).  Imagine a white towel with pastel bunnies on it to complete the look.

In other news...I'm getting tired of the hay fever and headaches this weekend.  Thump!

But I did take the opportunity to catch up on a little bit of reading and a fair amount of video--The Imitation Game, New Girl, and yet more Longmire, which is Robert and my current watch-together go-to program.

I also tested out my new camera until eyestrain from looking at the little screen/user manual was too much for my headache.  I have the Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.  It's a gem.  I tested out the zoom from the balcony this afternoon and took a sharp photo of two people on jet skis that I was unable to see with the naked eye.  Even though I won't have any need of zoom on my bunny photo shoot at the state fair next week (!!!!!), I'm sure that I'm going to get some great rabbit photos.  I still need to figure out how to use my cell phone as a remote shutter release, try the camera out on the tripod (I have not bought one yet but I'll test it on the tripod Robert has for his spotting scope--that one is made for a video camera rather than a regular camera but will still give me proof of concept), and test out downloading photos to my computer.  (I also haven't done much except try the most basic video capabilities, but I don't see myself using the video right away.  Clearly I need to find a rabbit agility competition to attend!)

Thanks to Rick for his suggestions on my camera conundrum post!  Although I eventually chose a slightly different model of camera than the one he mentioned (I decided to spend a bit more money so that I could use my phone as a remote--many of the other models do not allow for any kind of wireless remote and I thought that would be good for my outfit photos), the "bridge" type of camera was definitely the right way for me to go.

Anyway, for now, you'll be seeing photos I took with my old little camera, but I'm hoping to fully switch over soon (and get through the backlog of older photos).


mom said...

Dad and I are watching Death in Paradise on Netflix streaming. We have really enjoyed it. You might check it out when you run out of Longmires to watch.

Sally said...

Thanks for the recommendation! It's good to have something else in mind for the next go-to show candidate.

Debbie said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Sally's mom. Robin and I are now in the middle of season 4. In the second season they don't give you enough information to guess whodunit, but I still liked it. Changes happened in season 3, but I still liked it. More changes in season 4, we'll probably still like it.

Sally, I don't know your taste in TV. I think it's not as interesting as Longmire. And the location is kind of the opposite (hot versus cold, beaches versus mountains, liquid water versus snow). But it is also a fun different culture, with different accents (British, French, and some island accent I think of as Jamaican, but they are on the fictional island of St. Marie). More talking. What I mean to say is that I second your mom's recommendation and will have to recommend it to my parents!

Sally said...

Now that I'm in Season 4 of Longmire, the need to pick a next show looms ever closer. Sounds like the vote is in for Death in Paradise!