Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Conference Day

Comfort Compromises--Wednesday, 8/5/15

This Reverse Inspiration is a much dresser version of the outfit I put together for a one-day conference for work.


The conference venue was less than 3/4 of a mile from my apartment (with a $10 parking ramp), so I needed to wear something that would let me walk there and back in relative comfort.  This meant cotton fabrics and shoes of a sort I don't usually wear to work.  The result is pretty meh from a style perspective but based on what I saw people wearing last year, I'll be in the upper quartile of both style and work-appropriate-ness.  (Jean shorts, flip-flops, tank tops...I don't think I saw anyone in actual PJs but maybe I just missed it.  It's very easy to divide our organization's administrative/headquarters staff from the site staff at any training/conference/etc.  When site staff aren't showing up to work in their own building, there is a tendency toward dressing like they're staying home to binge watch Orange is the New Black and eat delivery pizza.) 

Grey pinstriped Dockers (thrifted), $1.00/wear+
Beige/black/grey floral T (thrifted, Kohls), $2.00/wear+
Beige mary janes (Naturalizer)
Cream t-shirt cardigan (Kohls), $1.50/wear
Grey/pink planet necklace (Kohls), $2.86/wear+

I was glad that the forecast called for a high of 77 degrees and no rain.  Perhaps the walk in normal-ish clothes wouldn't be too unpleasant.

 Also rocking a combination of neutral tones are these moths from the zoo's butterfly zone--a buckeye and a white peacock.

In other news...Well, it was a nice walk to the conference this morning.  It only took about 15 minutes and it was cool (about 65 degrees).  I think I was the only person I encountered on foot (until I hit downtown) who wasn't walking a dog.

The conference itself was decidedly meh.  I wasn't very impressed with any of my sessions.  But the lunch was great!  To meet my special dietary needs, they brought me a salad of fancy lettuce, dried cranberries, fresh strawberries, walnuts, a small grilled chicken breast (plain), and some balsamic vinegar dressing (which I didn't really use).  It was better than the sandwiches, fruit salad, pasta salad, etc. that my co-workers were eating, though for a picnic lunch, I must say that it looked pretty damn good.

It was almost 80 F on my walk home, so I started getting a little over-heated and sweaty.  But the worst part was that my right shoe rubbed my toes raw--partly because my foot was getting a little sweaty and it chafed but partly because my foot is just a bit larger than it used to be so the toes hit the end of the shoe.  I had to stop and put on a band-aid (of which I had several with me, thankfully) but I was still limping by the time I got home.  So that was the last hurrah of those shoes.  I got home hungry from my delicious but not very calorific lunch and had a snack and a gigantic glass of iced tea.  I'm finally feeling cooled down now. 

So my verdict on the conference: not horrible but pretty much a total waste of my time.  This is better than I was expecting though. 

Oh, also, the level of dress at the conference was much higher this year than last.  No flip flops to be seen!  Maybe the fancier downtown venue got people to step up their game compared to last year's college campus.

Tomorrow I'll go back to the office and see if our HR/budget departments have figured out what the hell is going on with their data that is due to the federal government on Friday.  Even though the deadline for the data submission was delayed by over 6 months, we are still going to be down to the wire to get it done.  Of course.

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