Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pretty As a (Pop Art) Picture

A Pattern Mixing Favorite--Saturday, 8/29/15

Focal item:  Black/white/aqua pop art geometric knit top

The world was telling me, Wear it with stripes!  To wit:


And in a more complex version (with a more subtle striped skirt):


The result was even better than I'd anticipated.  The two pieces shared a color scheme and a similar sharply delineated graphical quality, but the contrast of the curves and stripes was visually interesting for an overall very pleasing effect. 

Black/white/aqua pop art geometric knit top (thrifted, JCP), $0.29/wear+
Black and white striped skirt (thrifted, Target), $0.36/wear+
Aqua/silver teardrop necklace (JNY), $2.04/wear
Black LifeStrides flats, $1.80/wear

Outfit total: $4.49/wear -- very nice!

When I re-wear an 88 cent bargain top with this extremely versatile and pretty inexpensive ($2.50) striped knit skirt that just won't quit, that keeps the cost-per-wear way down.

Here's another perspective on the straight vs. swirly shapes.

Speaking of shapes, when we visited the Japanese garden on our vacation last month, a volunteer told us the history of it, and she pointed out something I hadn't noticed on my own--that this little island in the pond was intentionally created in the shape of a turtle.  See how the big rock in front looks like its head?   

In other news....I appreciated this story about a young female engineer who started the #Ilooklikeanengineer movement after being told she didn't look like a "real" female engineer.  WTF is wrong with people.  (OK, I know enough social psychology that I don't have to ask that question seriously but still...WTF??!!)

Also, check out this handy Bay Area-English translation phrasebook.  Very helpful.

Thigh muscle update--oh my fucking god.  When I'm sitting down, I forget that my muscles are so terribly sore.  Then I try to stand up and argh the pain!  I am mostly hobbling around the apartment, too--my general mobility was not helped by getting a cramp in my lower right leg early this morning.  It is interesting (awful) to realize how very different all the different chairs in my apartment are.  I can sit down easily in my comfy recliner by bending at the waist and just falling back into the chair.  At the other end of the spectrum...let's just say I really wished I could pee standing up.  I really hope I'm back to sitting down, standing up, and walking more or less normally by work on Monday.

I'm making my way through the 1000+ rabbit photos but it's slow going.  There are only so many I can look at until I have to take a break.  I'm not feeling sure I'm going to make it through the set this weekend, especially since an unexpected task has come up.  I am disappointed that some of the outfits I had pre-planned last weekend, to leave this weekend open for bunny-related stuff, are not going to work out because the forecast calls for highs near 90 F every day next week.  The hell?  I don't know where this is coming from.  So I will need to make a few adjustments to my outfit schedule tomorrow to accommodate this heat wave.  This sounds especially delightful given my inability to bend my legs without almost debilitating pain.

I am really suffering for my art rabbit photos this weekend.

Yeah, it's worth it.


mom said...

I really like the outfit. I would never have thought of floral with stripes.

I read the #ilooklikeanengineer article. Reminds me of Jennifer. I was shocked at the male engineers that threw one dollar bills at her and claimed they were just joking. Really?!

Sally said...

"Just joking" is like the refuge of the asshole who doesn't want to own his own bigotry. But you know, women are uptight and can't take a joke.

jen said...

Love the outfit and the bunny, which coordinates nicely. I'm lucky that I don't work with any obvious jerks right now.

Sally said...

I'm glad that you don't work with any obvious jerks right now because your current appearance would be a huge MINDBOGGLE for anyone who has rigid beliefs about what female engineers look like :)