Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pink of Perfection

More Saturated Colors--Thursday, 8/20/15

This photo is an outfit inspiration twofer.  The light shades of cream and beige and blush pink are pretty but can you easily imagine me wearing anything like this?  Yeah, me neither.


But somehow those outfits gave me the idea to wear a bubblegum pink top with two shades of grey.

Pink top with grey floral pattern (thrifted, Fresh Produce), $2.00/wear+
Grey pinstriped pants (thrifted, Dockers), $0.83/wear
*Grey short-sleeved cardigan (thrifted, Target), $3.75/wear+
Grey leopard flats by Fergilicious, $1.27/wear
Pink drops necklace (Outfit Additions), $2.89/wear

Outfit total: $10.74/wear

The mind of the Sally is a strange thing to behold.

Behold, this big-ass bumblebee likes pink flowers.  I have not yet determined how he feels about bubblegum, though.  (Bumblegum?)

In other news...For the last week or so, our balcony--the bird feeders and especially the fallen seed on the balcony--has been swarming with young House Sparrows.  They are a rather disreputable looking group, but as Robert pointed out, they are this season's babies grown up into awkward adolescents.  The most bizarre aspect of this was that this weekend I noticed there was a half-smoked cigarette on the balcony, in amongst the seed and birds.  We are on the second floor, and there is no easy way any human could have gotten a cigarette butt up there.  When I showed Robert, he said that research shows that the nicotine in cigarettes acts as an insecticide (protecting babies from parasites), so birds will put incorporate cigarettes into their nests.  And anyway, we shouldn't be surprised that these teen sparrows have taken up cigarettes.  About an hour later, I looked out and the juvenile delinquents birds and the cigarette butt were gone.  No doubt they had headed off to find out whether somebody's older brother would buy them beer.

Coolest story on AdWeek recently: Man Poses as Target on Facebook, Trolls Haters of Its Gender-Neutral Move With Epic Replies.  Second coolest story: Target Loved the Guy Who Trolled Its Haters, Judging by This Genius Facebook Post.  (Hat tip: Capitol Hill Style.)

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