Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Forest Animal

Continuing Cooler Weather with a Taste of Fall--8/19/15

After the heat of the weekend (heat index of 101 F on Sat!), it's nice to have high temps down in the 70s again this week...or lower, as today has turned out.

Animal print + stripes is an enduring favorite of mine.  Sarah put together a snazzy casual-dressy fusion version featuring her very cool leather-sleeved top.


Black striped T with black patches (shoulders instead of sleeves): Check
Dark green pants (work trousers instead of fancy track pants): Check
Animal print shoes (leopard flats instead of cheetah heels): Check
Black and gold necklace: Check

On a hunch, I checked the weather forecast again before I left work and it had changed from a high of 70 F to a high of 62 F.  This was cool enough that I decided to wear a jacket to work.  I went to my closet looking for my black ponte knit blazer but I couldn't find it--I did, however, find my black tipped blazer, which was even better.  (I took this photo after work, while it was raining, so it's even more dim and hazy than my usual, but surely you can see how the striped top with the tipped blazer in the same colors sparks joy.)

Black and white striped knit top with shoulder patches (Kohls), $7.00/wear+
Dark green pants (Kohls), $3.73/wear+
Black tipped blazer (JNY), $13.63/wear
Leopard flats (Nordstrom), $5.55/wear
Black tooth/claw necklace (Outfit Additions), $1.40/wear

Outfit total: $31.31/wear

These pants are nice because the fabric has a subtle black pattern to it--it's not solid green.  All the better for mixing with stripes and leopard print.  (And yes, I did wear striped tops two days in a row.  Why not?)  One thing I'd forgotten, though, is that they are rather warm fabric--really a fall/winter/spring fabric and not a summer fabric.  Luckily the weather was fall-like, so I was comfortable.

This lovely butterfly also has a stripes + animal print theme--it's a zebra longwing.  Seeing this photo makes me wonder whether I should have incorporated a pop of orange or yellow in my outfit.  Maybe my yellow hair counts.

In other news...I'm glad that while I'm wasting time taking photos of my outfits, other people are attending to the important things in life.

If you haven't seen this Jurabbit Park photo shoot (or hell, even if you have!), you owe it to yourself to take in the awesomeness (again).  So, so good.  (Link courtesy of Robert, Empirical Question's Chief Cuteness Officer.)  What's your favorite scene?  Mine is "It can't see us if we don't move."  A great visual but also a hilarious concept for a rabbit.  ("Must go faster" is also really fun.)

I'm also just noticing how this blog post title (which I wrote when I took these outfit photos last weekend) happens to fit the Jurabbit Park theme.  Synchronicity.  Serendipity.  And other long words starting with S.

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