Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Birds and No Victorious Poses

But Not Friday Gulls--Friday, 8/7/15

Today's outfit inspiration comes from this striped blazer styling suggestion on Pinterest. 


I originally tried this with a navy floral top but it didn't work at all--the top has something of a peasant sleeve, at a 3/4 sleeve length no less, that was not happy to be confined under this blazer.  I can usually put my hand up my blazer sleeve to cheat at cards pull down a shirt sleeve that gets bunched up, but this Target blazer is true to its brand promise of tight sleeves so that wasn't happening.

So I took this occasion to substitute in a (joyous) bird blouse that I haven't worn enough. 

Navy/teal bird top (Nordstrom), $13.00/wear+
Grey and white striped blazer (thrifted, Target), $2.50/wear
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, Target), $0.63/wear
Bright teal flats (Payless), $2.60/wear
Green/blue necklace (Target), $4.94/wear

Outfit total: $23.67/wear (on the high side once again because of the top)

Wearing this necklace was not my first instinct (I had initially planned to go with mint) but I thought I'd give something sparkly a try, and I liked the result.

Do the birds on the blouse kind of look like doves to you too?  Here is a photo of some actual doves at the zoo for comparison.  It was cool to watch these doves because they appeared to be building a nest.

In other news...This morning at breakfast I was catching up with a June issue of the Economist, with this article about a robot competition.  My favorite line:

"Running Man, the Atlas robot with which IHMC won second place, showed what the platform [walking on legs vs. moving on tracks] was capable of—though after completing its winning round it did rather let the side down by falling over as it struck a sequence of victorious poses."

Robotic hubris, it gets you every time. 
As Robert was leaving for work, I cautioned him not to fall asleep while driving to work (because we're both underslept and it's a cloudy, drowsy, headache day) and he said he wouldn't, adding, "And no victorious poses." 

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