Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What to Wear When Interviewing a Job Candidate and Being Overwhelmed by Pies

Pattern Challenge Day 6: Floral--Wednesday, 10/14/15

Focal item:  Black top with beige flower design

Yep, another outfit that dates way back to that pattern challenge I didn't quite finish.  The outfit I created is so simple and iconic that the Reverse Inspiration is extremely close...except with leopard print instead of floral print on the top.

From egyptomaniac on

Yeah, I can understand that.  Leopard print feels more like a fall pattern than floral does.  However, I really liked how this dark, neutral floral print worked in the outfit--it's a little more surprising (in a subtle way) than leopard, I think.

*Black top with beige flowers (thrifted, T and Company), $4.00/wear+
Beige knit blazer (Nordstrom), $5.90/wear
Black pants (thrifted, Lane Bryant), $1.00/wear
Captoe flats by Clarks, $3.57/wear
Gold tassel necklace (Kohls), $2.22/wear

Outfit total: $16.69/wear

And the dark background lets the gold tassel necklace shine.

In other news...Today we brought one of our candidates back in to give us a presentation of her analysis of a simple data set (2 years, about 6 variables) that I put together for her.  She did pretty well, and I managed to not react when faced with 2 pie charts presented for comparison (though my supervisor did sneak an amused glance at me when that slide came up). 

Of course, I had just come from a meeting of my group in which someone showed a data visualization they'd developed with FOUR pie charts to compare--and because they did not fit with the other data on a single screen, you had to look at two, then scroll down to look at the other two.  To be fair, my co-worker had merely put together a visualization in our new software that replicated what the visualization requester (a person from another department) was already doing in Excel, so the idea came from that person.  BUT.  Ack. 

However, I was happy that my office mate, a long-time pie chart user/abuser, said that the developer should consider doing a bar chart like I did when I revamped one of her (my office mate's) reports and replaced a series of pie charts with a single bar chart that was easier to read.


mom said...

I had visions of pumpkin pie, apple pie and cherry pie when reading your title. Oh, pie charts, not as interesting as real pies!

Sally said...

Mmmmm...and peach pie for Dad. And a lemon chess pie for Robert.

Debbie M said...

Nice work on spreading the word about pie charts. You've got a disciple now!

Sally said...

Hah, well, disliking pie charts is pretty much what I'm known for in my group.