Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Brief Visit to Wonderland

Alice, the March Hare, and the White Rabbit--Saturday, 10/3/15

Ah, a zesty lemon graphic T with bright yellow blazer and striped skirt.  Appealing, but I'm allergic.  Let's take this idea down the rabbit hole and see what happens.


You put an Alice T and an Alice scarf together, that's what.

Alice in Wonderland graphic T (Out of Print), $4.60/wear+
Grey striped skirt (thrifted, Loft), $3.00/wear
Bright pink drapey cardigan (Macy's), $2.67/wear
Alice scarf (NerdAlertCreations), $8.00/wear
Bright pink flats (Payless), $1.18/wear

Outfit total: $19.45/wear

For once it's the human who is the disapproving one of the human/rabbit duo (well, here, trio)!  You know you're in a strange sort of Wonderland now.

This English lop cannot even bear to look.

In other news...Yep, I spent a fair bit of time today playing Fallout 3.  I shot a bunch of super mutants in my Alice T-shirt.  How they got in my T-shirt.... ;)

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