Thursday, October 15, 2015

No Exam

Lace Action--Thursday, 10/15/15

I loved the combination of bright pink lace and dark green in this inspiration outfit.


My own (darker) pink lace top has short-sleeves, and my dark green pants are made from a surprisingly warm fall/winter/early spring weight fabric, so that was a bit confusing.  I decided that I should add another layer, just in case.  Everybody says that wearing white after Labor Day now is totally acceptable, so here we go.

Fuchsia lace top (thrifted, Avenue), $2.00/wear+
Dark green pants (Kohls), $3.20/wear
White knit blazer (Nordstrom), $5.06/wear
Leopard flats (Nordstrom), $3.84/wear
Pink floral necklace (Target), $1.47/wear

Outfit total: $15.57/wear

Of course, I could not resist the chance to wear leopard print shoes.

In other news....Today's Throwback Thursday feature is an unpublished blog post from my masters program days, in its entirety: "My half-semester class has a lot of assignments, but no exam. This feels great."

You know what also feels great?  Not being in grad school anymore.


mom said...

I love the necklace and it goes so beautifully with your lace top.

Sally said...

Thanks! I liked the combination too.