Friday, October 16, 2015

Teal Paisley and Ballad Verse

De-Frumped Friday--Friday, 10/16/15

Focal item: Teal paisley top

I've worn this top once already during the Work the Wardrobe Challenge, but I wanted to wear it again to bring the cost-per-wear down.  I loved this sharp business casual outfit with a teal cardigan and wide leg trousers.


I made mine into a fall-appropriate causal Friday ensemble by using my dark teal drapey cardigan and trouser jeans.

But when I saw the photos, I was like, Blergh, these baggy jeans + drapey cardigan is a whole lotta nope.  So I traded out the trouser jeans for skinny jeans and was much happier (sorry, I didn't do a second photo shoot, so you'll have to trust me).  What's silly is that I have a teal cardigan that is shaped a lot like the one in the photo; that would have been a better choice.  Oh well, another time!

Green/blue paisley top (JNY), $8.33/wear
Trouser jeans (thrifted, JCP) Skinny jeans (JCP), $3.68/wear
Dark teal drapey cardigan (Coldwater Creek), $3.00/wear
Bright teal flats (Payless), $1.63/wear
Gold/clear collar necklace (Target), $3.33/wear+

Outfit total: $19.97/wear

And I was happy to find a good outfit to wear this collar necklace with.  It's pretty, but it's a bit of a tough match.  I liked how the gold picked out the mustard yellow tones in the top.

Another blast-from-the-past unpublished blog post (the image is annoyingly sized; click to enlarge):

The advantage of writing poems in ballad verse is that they can be sung to the tune of the Gilligan theme song (as well as "O Little Town of Bethlehem").

The poems of Emily Dickinson, "Rime of the Ancient Mariner," children's verse like "Mary Had a Little Lamb,"....

I ran out of steam there, but surely there are a gazillion such poems.  What is your favorite ballad verse to sing to the tune of Gilligan's Island?

Today at work I read a brief paper on the Internet which examined student grades from...OMG...North South University in Bangladesh.  North South University.  See, I'm not making that up.  Is that the most geographically fucked up sounding college in the world or what?

"North South University, that's totally fucked up.
Where are we? I don't know, I'll have to look it up.  (Have to look it up.)"

See, even that works as ballad verse!  If my life were like the episode of Community in which Chevy Chase's character writes a school song for Greendale Community College that is a rip-off of Bruce Hornsby's "The Way It Is," I could write the song for North South University to the tune of the Gilligan theme.

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