Thursday, October 8, 2015

Another Subtly Black and White Skirt

...And More Pink and Blue--Thursday, 10/8/15

Today's inspiration is...yep, pink and blue.  But now with black and white!


OK, Mom, how does this work for you?

Cobalt blue short-sleeved blouse (Kohls), $10.00/wear+
Light microcheck pencil skirt (JCP), $4.33/wear
White/grey/black floral blazer (Coldwater Creek), $6.25/wear+
Grey/black bead necklace by RB+
Bright pink flats (Payless), $1.08/wear

Outfit total: $21.66/wear

I was happy all day looking down at my bright pink flats.  It's the small things, people.

In other news...It rained over night and was cloudy and windy all day.  Coming out of my building after work, I felt a distinct nip in the air, reminding me that my bare-leg/ballet-flat wearing days are nearing the end.  (But I was warm enough in my office that I had the fan on low all day so...whatever.)

It's nice to come home from work not 100% wiped out from high-energy interactions.  I might be able to talk to Robert for more than 3 minutes at a time tonight.  I might even play Fallout 3!  So many possibilities.

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mom said...

I also like the bright pop of pink in your shoes. Of course, I love the combo of pink and blue. You're rockin' it, girl!