Friday, October 9, 2015

Floral Friday

Working the Coral Shell Top--Friday, 10/9/15

Focal item: Navy floral jacket

Looking for floral jacket inspiration, I found this graphic T + floral blazer + jeans combination.  Cute. 


But I opted to wear this coral shell again--for the third time since I started the Work the Wardrobe Challenge in April.  One of the side goals of the WtWC is to get more wear out of some of the more expensive things in my closet, to bring down the cost per wear.  Compared to my many thrifted tops, the $39 I spent on this shell top (and each of its siblings, because I went crazy about bought 6 of them altogether) from Nordstrom puts it in the higher priced segment.

They make really great layering tops (i.e., it's always easy to layer over them because they do not have separate sleeves to get bunched up under anything).  But I think they are coded "fancy" in my mind because they were a bit more pricey and they are made of a thin polyester fabric that feels like something you'd wear under a suit.  So it was a little bit of a stretch for me to wear one in this casual Friday ensemble.  (I would normally have gravitated toward my coral T from Target.)

Navy floral jacket (thrifted, handmade), $1.67/wear+
Coral shell (Nordstrom), $9.75/wear
Denim skirt (thrifted, Great Northwest Indigo), $1.25/wear
Gold tassel necklace (Kohls), $2.50/wear
Navy striped flats (Payless), $4.25/wear

Outfit total: $19.42/wear

But as it turns out, I really liked the shell top in this context.  The lightweight fabric drapes extremely nicely, so you can tuck it in, then pull some of it out for a tucked-but-comfy feel and vibe (a kind of casual blouson effect).

Overall, this outfit made me really happy.  The bright colors, the pattern mixing (stripes and florals rule for all time!), the fun-if-fashion-orthogonal denim pencil skirt and mandarin jacket silhouettes, and the one sorta-trendy piece (the tassel necklace).  I am holding on to summer with both hands wearing this outfit.

In other news...I'm obligated not to talk about the interviews we held this week, but let's just say that the applicants should be glad that I already work there and am not interviewing against them. 

Yesterday, I told my manager, I know they've said that everyone will have their data submitted by end of day tomorrow, but can you check and find out whether we're still on schedule because someone is always late.  Yep, it's all good, he was told...until he got a call this afternoon with the news, Oh, the data won't be ready for you to pull on Monday morning because this one site told their people they didn't have to enter it until Wednesday.  My response was, Well, I guess that site won't be getting a report then, because by the time they have it entered, I won't have time to analyze it before I leave town.  And it was agreed that the site would, indeed, not be getting a report.  Hurray!

Also: It's Friday evening.  Finally.  Whew.

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