Monday, October 5, 2015

Let's Do This All Over Again

For Mom--Monday 10/5/15

Since my mom liked my previous bright pink/blue/white combination, let's see what she thinks of this one.

Here is a take from one of our Reverse Inspiration players.  Very nice, though with brown instead of white.


My version has hints of white in the scarf and shoes (and a bit of pattern mixing, too).

Sleeveless navy dress (Target), $14.00/wear+
Bright pink t-shirt cardigan (Lands End), $6.00/wear
Blue polka dot scarf (Target), $2.00/wear
Navy striped flats (Payless), $5.66/wear

Outfit total: $27.66/wear

What's a little bit scary is realizing that I have this exact same dress in bright pink and this exact same cardigan in blue (which I wore last week) so, if I wanted to, I could create the opposite version of this.  Oh, but I don't have a bright pink polka dot scarf--saved!  (Though I could totally wear a pink patterned scarf and bright pink ballet flats....) 

I was so completely comfortable and happy in this outfit today.  Stretchy knits and a long drapey scarf, can't go wrong.

In other news...In Fallout 3 this weekend, a dude who runs a radio station sent me out to replace his satellite relay dish that had been destroyed by a trigger-happy super mutant (which I have not done yet; I got involved in killing a bunch of inbred cannibals, you know how that goes).  He said that he had been needing to find someone to "go out into that wild, wooly world and get shit done." 

To say I am not on the adventurer/doer end of the spectrum is a drastic understatement.  If Three Dog the radio guy were to describe the role best served by the actual me (as opposed to my character), it would be someone to "dig deep into that fucked up problem and figure shit out" and possibly "not to leave her apartment unless when she has to."

Of course, that's one of the pleasures of playing this kind of game, to be a different person from who you are in your normal life.  For some people, this might mean, Oh good, I get to ride dragons now!  I get to use magic!  I get to kill all the bad guys!  For me, well sure, it's that stuff, but it's also, Oh yay, I'm going to go outside and find some unknown destination and do actual things when I get there!  That will probably involve talking to people I don't know!

Anyway, this game is a nice contrast to what I've been doing at work..digging deep into fucked up problems and figuring shit out.  Today I braved a look at our stored procedures and though I felt a bit like I was translating from the Hungarian using only a Hungarian-Spanish dictionary, I think I did figure out what was going on with the screwed up table.  It took all I had to not pronounce loudly, WHY? WHY? WHY?!?! Why would you include such a where clause in your inner join!  This is madness, I tell you!  MADNESS!!!!

But saying that is what blogs are for.


mom said...

Yes, I like this outfit and love the colors!

The screwed up table was done by people getting their info from the Mad Hatter playbook, perhaps?

Sally said...

The Mad Hatter playbook--I love it! And maybe the Cheshire Cat was his usual helpful self, too. :)