Saturday, October 10, 2015


Shimmery Stripes--Saturday, 10/10/15

Focal item: Black button up shirt with blue stripes

A black knit dress with a blue button up shirt and sneakers is an easy, comfortable weekend outfit.


But I was a bit intrigued by how this blogger dressed it up a bit with a sparkly necklace and sort of made the dress look like a skirt by buttoning up the shirt on top.

What happens when you put these two outfits together?  Sartorial confusion.

Black sleeveless dress (Old Navy), $5.00/wear
Black button up shirt with blue stripes (thrifted, Cato), $2.00/wear+
Pink floral necklace (Target), $1.66/wear
Blue striped sneakers by Rocket Dog

Outfit total: $8.66/wear

But look, shiny!

In other news...This weekend is already going by far too quickly!  Outfit planning, outfit photos, some fiction reading, and a bit of computer game and it's already 5:30.  Boo.  But I guess I should be glad that my complaint is "my fun personal hobbies are taking up all my weekend" and not "household chores and other work is taking up all my weekend." 

Quote of the day:  "Crazy Wolfgang's got what you need...assuming you need the random junk I've got."  Telling it like it is in Fallout 3.

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mom said...

I would never have thought to wear a shirt over a dress! Love the necklace - it's plenty shiny!