Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dots and Circles

Geometrical Shapes--Wednesday, 10/7/15

The blogger calls this inspiration photo "Polka Party," and while I am not hearing any oom-pah-oom-pah tubas in the background, I will concede that she is wearing a lot of polka dots.


It's funny, I was going to wear my space dye skirt with this top but since I wore it yesterday, I switched in this chambray cotton skirt, which I feel has a very similar look to the space dyed one (though it is a softer shade of black overall, almost grey, and is not made from a knit fabric).

Black and white circle drapeneck top (Calvin Klein/Macy's), $12.60/wear+
Black chambray pencil skirt (thrifted, Larry Levine), $2.00/wear
White knit blazer (Nordstrom), $5.90/wear
Aqua/red/white bead necklace (Target), $3.09/wear
Red buckle flats by Me Too, $3.15/wear

Outfit total: $26.74/wear

To keep my outfit firmly out of "Slumber Party" territory, I added a bold, colorful beaded necklace and my red flats.  I think they jazzed things up nicely.

In other news...A long day (I left about an hour and fifteen minutes later than usual) full of meetings and interviews.  I'm wiped out.  My introverted side is overstimulated enough with high energy interactions that I'm looking forward to riding my exercise bike, in the dark, watching Longmire, and not talking to anyone.  Even the idea of playing Fallout 3 is like, Eh, I'd have to interact with things in the game, and what if some NPC (non-player character) talked to me or something, nope, not interested.

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