Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Brown Study

Or, Well, a Brown Outfit--Wednesday, 9/2/15

Focal item: Short-sleeved brown T

This blogger's take on the Reverse Inspiration stays true to the brown pinstripe pants with orange/rust and teal colors but takes things in a more colorblocked (and wintery) direction.  Very nice.

My version is a short-sleeved column of color with a long patterned scarf.  This combination is so, so basic, but give me a long flowing scarf with some pretty colors/designs and I'm happy.  I've definitely settled on the long scarf as my favorite third piece for those times that layering a cardigan, jacket, or even lightweight vest feels too warm. (Yep, another photo from my old camera--I'm catching up W-F of this week with outfits I'd photographed just before I upgraded.)

*Brown V neck T (thrifted, Lands End), $4.00/wear+
Brown pinstriped pants (thrifted, Chaps), $0.71/wear+ (yay)
Brown/teal/cream paisley scarf (Kohls), $5.83/wear+
Brown flats by Frye, $10.09/wear

Outfit total: $20.63/wear

Subtle pattern mixing for the win.

These three white-faced whistling-ducks at the zoo are too preoccupied with their lunch to give us a good view of their face--good thing their backs are such a pretty pattern of orange and brown.

In other news...I've been on the fence about reading Armada, the latest book by the author of the (awesome) Ready Player One.  Then I read this brief review, in which the blogger describes having heard that Armada was not as good as RPO, but upon reading Armada notes, "And despite my lowered expectations, I was still disappointed."  Oops.  Robert and I had a brief discussion the other night (well, I talked at Robert on this topic, if you want to call that a conversation) about the trickiness of interpreting what it means when something is deemed "disappointing"--this was in the context of the Elder Scrolls Online game, which is considered "disappointing" by ES fans.  But this Armada review does a nice job of telling you, Yes, you know it's not as good as the other thing, but it's even worse still.  My guess is that is true of Elder Scrolls Online, too, but.....waaaah!  I want it to be good!

Today I attended a Yoga Calm training session at work (this was professional development for social workers but a couple people from my group went too--cool, huh?).  Yoga Calm is a program that integrates yoga, mindfulness, and social/emotional learning for kids, but going through some of the breathing exercises and movements made me realize that I should be doing more of this stuff in my own life.  (I wasn't sure I would be able to do the tree pose but I could...although I could feel myself having to really pay attention while I did it.  From a therapeutic perspective, this is a good thing; the instructor recommended this pose for kids with anxiety issues because it forces them to focus on the here and now.  So it should be good for adults with anxiety issues too!)  From what I can tell, Netflix streaming doesn't have yoga videos, but our Amazon Prime subscription means I should be able to watch the yoga videos for free through Amazon.  Figuring out how to watch Amazon videos on our TV is something to look into this weekend.  While I have no intention of becoming a yoga bad-ass like my sister, even attaining the status of "rank beginner who does yoga on a halfway regular basis" would do good things for me.


mom said...

I've needed to get back into my yoga routine, about 10-15 minutes a day. I know I would feel better. I think tree pose is really hard to do. It looks so deceptively easy.

Sally said...

Let's both start doing some yoga this weekend, what do you say? It's a 3 day weekend!

jen said...

My current condition is making me feel more and more like a beginner myself :) Taking up prenatal yoga has been so good.

Sally said...

See Mom, if Jen can do it while semi-hugely pregnant, surely we can do a little in our less rotund state? :)

mom said...

You are absolutely right, Sally! Let's start this weekend.

Sally said...

Yay, yoga buddies!