Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Floral Dress Remix

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Edition--Wednesday, 9/9/15

I'm happy that the floral dress I bought at the crazy JNY sale worked out.  Only $12.42, and it has colors that will be easy to pair with blazers and cardigans.  I've already worn it with a coral/orange blazer from the same JNY collection.  This time, I decided to try it with the bright pink jacket also from the same JNY collection.  I mean, hey, this doesn't have to be difficult, right?

Here is a Reverse Inspiration outfit I like a lot--she wore a bright pink cardigan with a dark floral dress that doesn't even have pink in it.  Nice.


A strong Sally style preference:  I don't wear open-toed shoes, and I cannot imagine wearing them to work.  Matchy ballet flats, though?  Count me in.

Black/pink/coral sleeveless floral dress (JNY), $6.21/wear
Bright pink zipper jacket (JNY), $11.13/wear
Bright pink flats (Payless), $1.63/wear

Outfit total: $18.97/wear

Today I will share with you a state fair photo that is full of mystery.  

What does this mean?  Are the rabbits herding something...or being herded?

Well, I didn't see anything about what this means at our state fair, but I got this description from instructions for a fair in SC.

Purpose of Herdsmanship Evaluation:

The purpose of the herdsmanship department is for the student to demonstrate appropriate care of their animals. By so doing, they will enforce to all in attendance the pride of ownership they have in their animals. A secondary purpose of the herdsmanship evaluation is for the students to practice citizenship and communication skills with the public. 

Areas of Evaluation: 

The following areas will be considered in the daily evaluation of herdsmanship: 

1. Clean alleys and aisles that will attract citizens/individuals to view the animals. 
 2. Clean pens/stalls/cages that will demonstrate the animals are being cared for in an appropriate manner. The animals should be cleaned and well groomed, bedded and fed regularly (without wasting feed or bedding), and displayed in a practical manner with the animals in a position that makes the most striking display. 
3. Tack and feeds. The pens/stalls/cages should be kept clean and neat with tack boxes, feed, and bedding arranged in a manner which is orderly as well as practical and attractive. 
4. Stall cards. Stall cards shall be used which are visible and appropriately displayed. 

So herdsmanship in this context appears to be about a display of animal caretaking.  As for "reigning division," a phrase that boggled Robert's mind, I have no clue.

In other news...A take on the "does this spark joy?" question that is very similar to mine.


rvman said...

My current guess is that this is the kid who was in 3rd place in division II last year, hence "reigning" 3rd place. I originally interpreted this as (misspelled) "reining", which was creating an odd visual - I've seen a rabbit take a harness, but never reins.

Sally said...

But the rabbit wasn't a rex, how could he reign? Oh, it was the KID. OK :)

Sally said...

At least it wasn't a rabbit in the rain (which incidentally is an upcoming FB Daily Rabbit post subject--stay tuned).

Sally said...

But wait, how can it be a kid? These were rabbits, not goats! I am so confused!