Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ahoy Double Stripe Action

Pattern Challenge Day 1: Nautical--Thursday, 9/17/15

Last year, the weather changed before I could wear all my outfits from the Pattern Challenge, but here we go, at the autumn transition, pulling one of my last pattern challenge ensembles from the depths of my closet.  Back to Day 1, if you will.

This Reverse Inspiration picked up on striped top, dark pants, and red topper.  (The shoes are adorable.)


My striped top is definitely not a classic matelot style, but for me, red + navy = nautical.

Navy/white striped collared knit top (Lands End), $3.75/wear
Red cardigan (thrifted, JNY), $7.80/wear
Navy pants (thrifted, Pantology), $0.50/wear
Green/blue/red beaded necklace by RB+
Red and blue striped flats by Chinese Laundry, $1.75/wear

Outfit total: $13.80/wear

This top is also on the short side, but I decided to keep it because it's hard to have too many striped tops, a knit top with a collar is unusual and useful, and it works well with these high-waisted pants and I think would be great with a couple of my fuller summer/casual skirts.

In other news....This is what four of us in my office were up to today: Ghostbusting.  Our supervisor had drawn the Ghostbusters insignia (the ghost with the red no symbol) on our sign in-out dry erase board to celebrate our activities (identifying and removing no-shows from our counts).  One of us (we'll call her Stantz) was even on the search for semi-ghosts today.  I (call me Spengler) discovered a new variety of hidden ghost by accident.  Who you gonna call, you know?

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