Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Flowers and Teal

And Video Games--Tuesday, 9/1/15

Hello, welcome to September.  So far, just like August.  Warm.

Today's two Reverse Inspiration players are perfect in sync with each other.  Both sport a pastel floral top, dark jeans, and a mint/teal cardigan.  Nice job, ladies.

Outfit #1

From outfitposts.com

Outfit #2

From kindercraze.com

It's interesting to see how they got my outfit both reverse and somehow inverted.  The top and bottom are swapped, and the floral pattern is switched from dark to light.  (Speaking of dark and light, I'm seeing that my afternoon sun is not as good as morning sun for taking photos in my living room; good to know.)

Navy/teal/blue floral tank (Kohls), $0.90/wear
Bright teal pencil skirt (JCP), $2.33/wear
Navy floral cardigan (JNY), $3.51/wear
Blue/green statement necklace (Target), $4.23/wear
Light grey wedges by BCBGeneration, $7.78/wear

Outfit total: $18.75/wear

I had initially planned to wear an elbow-length open weave navy cardigan but I'd forgotten that it's a very cropped style that really looks best with less contrast with the bottoms.  Fortunately I had a lightweight navy cardigan to substitute--I just rolled up the sleeves and went with the unanticipated floral print pattern mixing.

I suppose it is appropriate that on this floral day at the end of summer that I show you my second-to-last prairie wildflower photo from my vacation in July.  See how good mixed florals can look?

In other news...Another Baader-Meinhof event (sort of).

Last night Robert informed me that the new Elder Scrolls game is indefinitely delayed as the basically every developer at the company is working to get Fallout 4 shipped in November and will no doubt be working for another year on add-ons before they even get into the Elder Scrolls game.  This made me curious about Fallout 4, so we looked it up.  The game is described as taking place in a "post-apocalyptic retro-future."

This morning before work I read this blog post, in which Angie talks about a "Retro Futurism...style persona."

It's probable that I've heard this term before, but it felt unfamiliar.

So what is retrofuturism? It's a vision of the future as imagined by people in the past (especially pre-1960).  It makes me think of the Jetsons, the original Star Trek, the Twilight Zone, pretty much all 1950s SF, comic books with atomic ray guns...that sort of thing.

Fortunately, Angie's use of the term does not indicate that she's wearing anything like these outfits.  She meant more a combination of classic/vintage pieces with modern pieces.

In any event, I watched the trailer for Fallout 4, and I find the visuals very appealing.  It was actually sort of eerie how much the first part, where you are following the dog around that house, looks like it was pulled directly from a hidden object/adventure game like my mom and I play.  It sounds like the game play of Fallout 4 should be similar to the Elder Scrolls games, with the large openly explorable map, a lot of customization, and the opportunity to follow a non-linear path.

I decided (once and for all...I think) that I'm not going to finish Oblivion because I just hate the Oblivion gates so freaking much.  And with the new Elder Scrolls game not going out any time soon, perhaps I'll be in the market for another game.  Fallout is definitely a contender.  As you can guess from the name, Fallout 4 is one of a series of games, so perhaps I will try Fallout 3 first. 


mom said...

I bought a couple of straight hidden object games. Lots of scenes, but I often skip the ones you have to use a flashlight to see the room. I really hate those! That's one game, but I haven't tried the others. Good luck on Fallout 3, hope you like it.

Sally said...

Yeah, those flashlight scenes can be really tedious!