Thursday, September 10, 2015

An Easy Outfit

And Disappointing Jewelry--Thursday, 9/10/15

Focal item:  White/aqua/beige floral button up shirt

Today's Reverse Inspiration player (blog favorite, Alice) substituted a white blazer, added a big belt, and somehow managed to put leopard print shoes into her ensemble.


I created this outfit starting with the floral shirt, following this bit of advice from another Sally: "...textiles that feature multiple colors can show you groupings you might not have thought of on your own."  The designer of the shirt's fabric paired aqua and a grey-beige color, so I just followed their lead.  This made for super easy outfit generation.

White/aqua/beige floral button up shirt (Kohls), $7.20/wear+
Beige-grey ponte knit blazer (Target), $4.16/wear+
Aqua pencil skirt (JCP), $6.66/wear
Nude wedges by Cole Haan, $19.98/wear
Long beaded pastel necklace (Kohls), $4.00/wear

Outfit total: $42.00 (ouch!  But we all know the significance of the number 42.)

This necklace is a rare jewelry purchase mistake.  I don't know why I thought a long pastel beaded necklace made sense for my wardrobe.  I probably got suckered in because it was on sale.  Because (some of) the colors went with the shirt, I wore it in this outfit, but the long loop looked dumb with a button up shirt and blazer.  To improve upon the form factor, I put a knot in it.  This was definitely better, but I am still not loving this necklace.  Even though jewelry takes up very little space, I can absolutely state that this necklace is not bringing joy to my life--if anything, it's irritating trying to come up with ways to make it work.  Time to put it in the Goodwill pile--maybe someone else will be able to use it (it's a nice enough necklace, if you like that kind of thing).

After spending all day fiddling with the bottom half of this shirt, I'm donating it, too.  It's pretty, but I don't need to be doing a sideways variant of the Picard Maneuver while sitting at my desk.  (It somehow likes to twist itself around on my hips--you can get a feel for its tendency from how it looks in this photo, seconds after I had straightened it.)

Do you know what's my kind of thing?  Combining the colors white, beige-grey, and blue in a bunny photo!

In other news...A historian of 20th century American culture discusses why Americans dress so casually.

Tam shares a gallery of horrible fall clothing.  (Of course, I think if you're choosing to spotlight clothing from a company called "Nasty Gal," you have no business pretending to be shocked by how appalling the garments are.)  Ankle flares are, gods no.  But I really didn't mind the basic concept of the skirt with the buttons.

Last night I wondered how many episodes of Longmire we had left to watch, because we are in Season 3 of 3, but this morning an ad on gmail informed me that Season 4 is now available on Netflix Streaming.  A rare useful, well-timed ad.

The pain in my neck continues to creep down.  Now it's concentrated in my lower neck and shoulder on my left side, and it hurts appreciably more than yesterday.  It seems to get a lot worse when I sleep, then improves some during the day.  It's hard to understand what I'm doing to strain it when I am lying down in bed, but I guess it's the way I'm lying there.  I'm just getting fucking tired of this.  I'm on Day 5 of this bullshit now.  It was very painful (like, try not to whimper or sob painful) most of my work day.  It was about 3:30 when I suddenly realized I'd gone like 5 whole minutes without thinking about my neck.  It's now closer to the "uncomfortable" than "sob-inducing painful" end of the spectrum, but who knows what fresh hell tomorrow will bring.


Tam said...

When I was dealing with neck pain, sleeping in a recliner (or otherwise on my back with head well-supported) helped. So did getting one of those curvy memory foam pillows, as you may recall. I don't know if either of those things will help you. Sleeping with my head pushed over to one side too far (for instance, on my side with my head on too high a stack of pillows) was the worst.

Sally said...

I had forgotten about the pillow that you used. I stayed up most of the night in my recliner and my neck is only uncomfortable this morning.

Tam said...

So as long as you don't sleep you'll be ok. Hmm.

Sally said...

Well, I couldn't sleep last night because I have a bad stomach bug (still do) that kept me up most of the night with cramps. I did get a couple hours of sleep but...yeah, it's not been a good week. (I say stomach bug because Robert had a milder/shorter version of the same symptoms and we haven't eaten any of the same food in the last couple days so I figure it's a bug rather than something I ate--or a bug PLUS something I ate, of course.)

mom said...

To discuss something that isn't about neck pain or stomach bugs, I love the blouse, even if you don't like the necklace or the way the skirt wears. That's what is nice about having a big wardrobe, if something doesn't work you can get rid of it without wondering what you'll wear now.

Sally said...

Mom, thanks for getting us back on track :) The blouse has such a pretty print, it's kind of hard to part with it, but it'll be better off in someone else's closet.

Jen M. said...

I really like the blouse (and outfit) too. Such a shame it felt awkward to wear, but life is too short right? :) I have to be so careful with what pillows I use because my neck likes to get stiff too. I've woken up too many times unable to turn my head, and usually end up at the massage therapist or chiropractor (or acupuncturist) to fix it. I used to be able to sleep on my stomach to help, but can't do that now of course. I've been sleeping propped up to alleviate pressure on my hips (and also in case I wake up on my back, it's ok as long as I'm not flat), and luckily my neck hasn't given me much fuss.

Sally said...

Jen, I'm glad that with everything else, at least your neck is OK!

I'm having pain in my right shoulder now that I suspect has been exacerbated by too much time playing games on my phone during my stomach bug. Maybe if I give my arm a break today, things will improve. Right? Right???

mom said...

If it's any consolation I hurt my right hand at the library shelving too many heavy non-fiction books in one go. That was 2 weeks ago and I can still feel it. It's slowly getting better, though.

Sally said...

Mom, ugh, no fun. My neck and shoulder is mostly better today!