Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Red Skirt that Keeps on Giving

With Black and White Again--Saturday, 9/12/15

Double inspiration, double dogs.  And once again I'm taking some work looks and modifying them for casual weekend wear.

Inspiration #1 features a red skirt with white blouse and an animal print belt.


Inspiration #2 features red pants with a white blouse and jacket and leopard flats.


For a comfy weekend outfit, I used a cargo skirt and t-shirt.  Leopard print?  Got it.  Plus houndstooth for good measure because I don't have an actual hound!  (Um, I would like to say that the inclusion of houndstooth is totally random and coincidental but I can't swear to it--I could easily have been subconsciously swayed by the dogs in these photos.)

One thing I do know--I'm really glad I bought this skirt in July.  I've loved having a red corduroy skirt for serious fall to winter wear and I thought that having a lightweight skirt for summer would be just the thing.  It's good to be right.  I've been wanting to wear this skirt with the leopard flats for a while but I've been wearing it in super-casual, high-walking situations up until now, when sneakers or hiking shoes are in order.  Hurrah for lazy weekend days wearing cute shoes with no cushioning or support!

Red cargo skirt (thrifted, Macy's), $2.00/wear
White long-sleeved T (Lands End), $2.00/wear+
Black and white houndstooth infinity scarf (Target), $4.75/wear
Leopard flats (Nordstrom), $4.64/wear

Outfit total: $13.39/wear

White, red, and black-and-white pattern?  I have bunny photos for every situation!

In other news...My damn shoulder, argh!  I can hardly wait to be back to my normal level of mild bodily discomfort.

Tam shared this story about a couple of young hipsters in Washington state who are living a neo-Victorian lifestyle and calling it historical research.  I mean, seriously, check these asshats out.  Read the whole "waaaaaah, it's so hard living outside the dominant cultural norm [as extremely privileged independently-wealthy white folk who tootle around town on bicycles that could have come straight from the Wright Brothers shop and go to the gym in woolen exercise gear]" thing.  Then read these two great responses.  In the first, an actual historian-in-training takes them to school in a series of awesome twitter posts.  (Too bad she can't submit snarky 140-character commentary in place of a dissertation.)  In the second, an essayist makes a convincing argument of Fuck These People.

I have pretty much zero interest in any fetishizing of the past.  The past totally sucks!  My mom and I have talked about this several times--how if we were living in the past we would be, at best, poor downtrodden peasants and most likely dead before we reached our current ages.  I'd much rather live in the future.  I'm thinking the Star Trek Federation wouldn't be a bad place.  I mean, a doctor could zap my sore arm/neck/shoulders and made it better in like 3 seconds.

P.S. No outfit photo yesterday because I spent the entire miserable time in my tiger t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts.

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