Friday, September 4, 2015

Fresh as a Daisy

...Scarf, That Is--Friday, 9/4/15

I don't wear sandals or distressed cropped jeans, but I like the idea of stripes, yellow, and denim for a last Friday before Labor Day summer outfit.


Like the inspiration photo, I used a scarf that ties the white, yellow, and black (which I substituted for their navy) together.  I prefer how my outfit repeats the yellow in the shoes instead of the handbag (because you lose the cohesion as soon as you put your handbag away) and keeps things a bit simpler by not introducing the cognac leather accessories.  I know many people like to ground their outfits with matching shoes and belt in a neutral leather color, and it can look really good in a neat and polished way, but it's just not my style.  I like playing with color more (and I just don't wear visible belts on a regular basis).  When I want to go for matching accessories, the color-based beauty bundle concept is more my thing.

Also, I'm a big fan of the new-ish (to me) style of top that has a curved hem--it's a more interesting/flattering shape for wearing untucked, I think.  (Of course, a quick google search on Youlookfab reveals that Angie has been talking about this since the summer of 2012.  OK, I'm a slow adapter/adopter, I suppose.  I guess this happens when you shop a lot at thrift stores--you don't always track the new silhouettes very well.)

*Short sleeved black and white striped T (JCP), $11.99/wear+
*Black and white daisy scarf (Charming Charlie), $14.00/wear+
Straight leg jeans (Kohls), $1.49/wear
Mustard flats by Mia, $1.17/wear

Outfit total: $28.65/wear (a little on the high side with 2 bought-new items in the mix)

I've been surprised by how useful a pair of mustard ballet flats can be.  I have several scarves now with mustard/yellow in them (as an accent color) and a bright yellow necklace, so I suppose I am building up a mustard/yellow beauty bundle.  I wish I could do the mustard cardigan that is a fashion blogger staple (e.g., look how great this "golden raisin" cardigan looks on Gracey) but I've resigned myself to sticking with the mustard shoes.  I also have tried a couple of lighter yellow tops/sweaters in the last few months but they have looked terrible in a different way.  My hair looks pretty bright and yellowish gold until I wear an actual bright yellow top--then it looks dingy and sad. 

I wonder whether these flowers that we saw at the wildflower center/bird sanctuary are daisies--they certain look a lot like the daisies on my scarf!  (I'm kind of sad that this is my last wildflower photo from this summer's outings.  I wish the season lasted longer.)

In other news...Some fun and astonishing bird facts from the October issue of Birdwatching magazine.

About snowy owls:

"The cold is no obstacle--laboratory experiments have shown that Snowy Owls can survive temperatures below -90 F (-67.7 C), the lowest reading ever recorded in the northern hemisphere, and captive Snowy Owls survived five hours at -133 F (-93 C) with no sign of tissue damage or frostbite." (p.25)

About penguins:

"...Emperor Penguins have been observed underwater for 23 minutes and at depths of more than 1,800 feet.  During such dives, their heart rates can decrease to five beats per minute.  This is an enigma.  Scientists have not figured out how Emperor Penguins can survive events such as thse, when oxygen partial pressure would seem too low to combine with hemoglobin, and blood flow is too slow to prevent tissue death.  Yet, somehow, the penguins make it work." (p. 47)

What the hell?

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