Monday, September 14, 2015

Another Damn Week Begins

...With Another Animal--Monday, 9/14/15

The subject of today's Reverse Inspirations is animal print.

Animal print is not an unusual topic on this blog, but this time, I mean a different kind of animal print.

Like this camel top.


Or this giraffe top, in an outfit with beige.


Or this giraffe top, going-to-work edition.


My outfit is beige camels, going-to-work edition.

*Sleeveless camel blouse (Kohls), $8.30/wear+
Black lightweight knit pencil skirt (thrifted, Target), $2.50/wear
Black ponte knit blazer (Target), $2.78/wear
Tan and black captoe flats by Clarks, $3.85/wear
Gold chain link necklace (Ann Taylor), $2.55/wear

Outfit total: $18.98/wear

I'd had this skirt for quite a while now but I hadn't worn it until recently because it was one more black skirt to get lost in my closet.  It came with a set of built-in "shorts" that were somewhere between compression shorts and shapewear in how they smoothed you out and smushed you in.  I basically liked them except for the fact that they were not designed for the Thighs of the Colossus.  I mean, holy hell--there is smushing and there is cutting off the circulation in your legs.  The place at the hem of the shorts where they dug into my legs was particularly egregious.  So I totally channeled my inner Jess from New Girl and cut off the little girl's bicycle shorts built-in shorts.   Hurrah for legs that do not go numb!

I bought this top in November 2014 and am only wearing it now for the first time.  But to be fair, a sleeveless blouse for work is only useful in Coldville from about July to September (maybe October), so I pretty much bought it at the worst possible time of the year.  Hey, no wonder it was on sale!  But wasn't it worth the wait?

Remember these camels in muck from my recent vacation trip to the zoo?  I did NOT use this as a styling suggestion.  I do not think my outfit would be improved by getting guacamole all over the front of my shirt, for example.

In other news...Not. Playing. Fallout. 3. I'm. Not.

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