Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wedgewood Blue #1

"Meh Mixed Stripes"--Thursday, 2/2/17

This September 2015 outfit (hahahahahaha sleeveless shirt in September) was part of a style challenge featuring an oxford shirt, printed skirt, and pearls.  I only went with one of those items, but thought I'd try something light blue with black and white.


I don't wear this "wedgewood blue" striped cardigan as much as I should, so I decided to pair it with a wavy-stripe skirt.  I think this was basically a mistake.  I mean, I don't think this would literally burn the eyes out of anyone's head, but the stripes did not play well together. And unusually, I had a meeting to lead today (albeit mostly sitting down), so I felt that my outfit would get more attention than usual.  Let's just say that this outfit did not make me feel confident.

White long-sleeved V neck T (Lands End), $1.09/wear
Black and white geometric reeds skirt (JCP)
Black polka dot skirt (Walmart), $1.84/wear
Black sweater tights
Tall black boots by Fitzwell, $2.23/wear
Black scarf (Target), $1.00/wear
Blue/black/white striped cardigan (JNY), $2.94/wear

Outfit total: $9.10/wear

I liked the plainness of the black scarf and white shirt with either the cardigan or the scarf (though not both together).  So after seeing these photos, I substituted my black skirt with small white polka dots and was much more satisfied.  This is an advantage to doing a photo shoot ahead of time--I get to make sure that outfits feel comfortable and see how they look, which somehow is sometimes easier to gauge from the photos than from the mirror.  (This skirt is so comfortable that I think that fact can overwhelm my aesthetic considerations when wearing it.)

This bunny is all, Silly human, next time you should substitute a bright pink cardigan to wear with all your black and white.  See how great that color combo is?

In other news...Well, Wednesday night our brief foray back into outdoor, after-work Pokemon walks came to a screeching halt as it was 15 F by 5:00.  So we stayed in, loaded ourselves up on our indoor exercise devices, and finally started watching season 5 of Longmire.  I so expected that we would have started this several weeks ago, but we found other ways to exercise.

Pokemon Go has also interfered with my plans to start playing Fallout New Vegas this winter.

Of course, we've got months of winter left to doesn't matter what that groundhog does.

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