Sunday, February 12, 2017

Walking Ourselves into the Ground: Day 2

"Fresh Minty Floral"--Saturday, 2/11/17

This outfit from March 2016 combined floral print and mint.  They rhyme, so they must go together, right?  Isn't that a law of sympathetic magic or something?

Rather than wait for spring (or, well, whatever season we want to call March in Coldville), I decided to do a version of this outfit right now.   I don't typically wear a scarf with this vest, but as a concession to the weather, it seemed prudent.

White/purple/green/orange floral blouse (Lands End), $3.33/wear
Mint cardigan vest (Kohls), $3.91/wear
Black scarf (Target), $0.86/wear
Black skinny jeans (thrifted, YMI), $0.37/wear
Purple flats (thrifted, Target), $0.87/wear

Outfit total: $9.34/wear

As I'm already going out of season with my outfit, how about we enjoy this greenery poodle with a white bird on his tail, from a display at the state fair.

In other news...After replacing my ballet flats with all weather mocs, we walked over to our local Pokemon Go park and played Pokemon for a few hours.  Hours?!  Yeah.  With the 6 hour lures active all over the park, it was pretty much non-stop Pokemon.  I can't remember how many dozens of Wigglypuffs I caught--they were so plentiful (like, I kid not, there was at least  one available on the screen practically the entire time) that I have to wonder whether there was a nest there.  Anyway, very little trouble hitting our 10,000 steps for the day.  The kind of exhausting part was all the standing that we did in between the walking, though.

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