Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's Deep Water

"White Skirt/White Piping"--Tuesday, 2/14/17

It's such an obvious combination, it's a little surprising I haven't gone there before, but I have a large wardrobe so there are a lot of obvious combination I haven't gotten around to quite yet.  But this one is just absolutely pleasing.  It started when I saw this May 2013 (!) blog post on blazer style, featuring a coral blazer with white piping.

From anneinresidence.com

I kind of liked her high contrast shirt + blazer combo than my subtle burgundy with black and white, but the main thing is how the white skirt and scarf work with the white piping on the blazer.  I love the how it ties the whole look together.  And the darker palette feels appropriate to these wintry days.

Burgundy tipped blazer (JNY), $4.54/wear
White skirt (Walmart), $1.33/wear
Black and white paisley top (thrifted, Rafaella), $1.00/wear
White lace scarf (Walmart), $1.03/wear
Black leggings
Tall black boots by Fitzwell, $2.14/wear

Outfit total: $10.04/wear

I didn't realize how much I needed a plain white scarf (though this one was some textural interest with the lace insets) until I ordered this one to get free shipping on a Walmart.com order. 

Continuing the theme, I offer you a big white duck from the state fair.  Why a duck? you ask.  That is a question that is challenging to answer.  (Maybe because I haven't photographed a piping plover.)

In other news...To take advantage of the last night of the Pokemon Valentine's event, we went out walking at a park--a different one from the usual Pokemon park because a hockey game had turned parking in that entire area a madhouse.  We had a successful time, but bejeezus it was cold!  Only 32-34 F in temperature but with a frigid wind.  And I had dressed expecting a cold level like last night, so that was inadequate.  Brrr.  To borrow Robert's pun, we were walking in a winter candyland.

***The post title is, of course, a reference to Groucho's response to the eternal question, Why a duck?

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