Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rabbit Luck

"Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit..."--Wednesday, 2/1/17

If saying "rabbit rabbit rabbit" is good luck on the first of the month, surely wearing rabbit rabbit rabbit times a few hundred is even better luck.

Purple skirt (JCP), $2.97/wear
Cream/dark green rabbit blouse (Loft), $5.95/wear
Thick grey cardigan (thrifted, JCP), $0.71/wear
Gold crystal stone necklace (Loft), $7.80/wear
Grey tights
Grey ankle boots from Seychelles, $5.83/wear

Outfit total: $23.26/wear

And to cement the good luck, here's a Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit visual for you.  (See, Tam, I've got the rabbit rabbit rabbit thing covered!)

In other news...A co-worker sent this post to me at work today, knowing how much I love pie charts.

I wish I'd spent the day working on some cool visualizations but instead I was painstakingly entering data into the annoying database I've been complaining about recently, one person's data at a time, because for that project I'm living in 1990 only with the Internet.  I'm not kidding when I say that I spent about 6 hours to enter data (1-10 fields, numbers between 0 and about 20) for 500 people.  I can hardly wait until technology progresses to the point where we can upload a CSV file with the same data in about 2 minutes!

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