Sunday, February 19, 2017

Small Blazer Difficulties

"Velvety Barbie"--Thursday, 2/16/17

Over the weekend, I finally mended the torn seam this blazer--a 3" or so tear on the underside and back of where the arm attaches to the body.  This was a bit more of a pain than I'd expected because I hadn't considered the implications of the fact that the blazer is lined.  So instead of just sewing it up from the underside (because I didn't want to open the liner to do it), I used the smallest whipstitch I could with thread that happened to be a very close match (just a hint darker than the blazer).  And it turned out well.

And it was nice that I figured that out because my very next mending project was to mend the torn seam in a trench coat I bought at Goodwill over the winter--a 3" or so tear on the underside and front of where the arm attaches to the body.  Of course this coat was lined as well so I used the same method there, which worked even better--I think the flat fabric was much easier to deal with than this velvet fabric.

Anyway, a few days after repairing the blazer, I wore it to work.  Thusly.

Bright pink velvet blazer (thrifted, Old Navy), $3.50/wear
Black/bright pink/blue floral blouse (JNY), $2.21/wear
Black work pants (thrifted, CJ Banks), $0.66/wear
White lace infinity scarf (Walmart), $0.83/wear
Black socks + grey ribbon flats by Louise et Cie, $3.13/wear

Outfit total: $10.33/wear

My only complaint with this blazer is that the velvet fabric surface did not play nicely with the coat I wore over it to work.  It wasn't exactly like velcro when the velvet hit the lining of the coat, but it was insufficiently unlike velcro for my purposes.  Add to the stickiness problem the fact that the blazer is a little bit oversized and it was a real irritation trying to get the coat situated comfortably over the blazer.

In other news...This was my last chance for a bit to wear a velvet blazer to work.  The high temperature of 39 F on Thursday was followed by 49 F on Friday and into the 50s over the weekend.  WTH.

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