Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dressed Like a Woman

The Outfit Formula Continues--Wednesday, 2/8/17

Today's Reverse Inspiration is a set of black, white, and red (maroon) skirt/dress outfits featuring plaid, houndstooth, and tall boots.

From Pinterest

My outfit is a combination of the first and third outfits, in which I fall back on one of my winter outfit formulas of cashmere sweater, quilted/puffy vest, pencil skirt, scarf, leggings/tights, and tall boots.  Since I have five of these sweaters--purchased over two years during Macy's Christmas sale, 10 vests that can be worn over sweaters (and yet I still want a grey one), a lot of pencil skirts, and approximately 391,852 scarves, I could wear variations of this outfit every winter work day for years with what I have in my closet.  I would have to home dry clean the sweaters in the dryer every weekend, but it could be done.

Red cashmere pullover sweater (Macy's), $4.57/wear
Red plaid skirt (thrifted, Hannah Anderson), $2.66/wear
Black quilted vest (Stage), $1.11/wear
Houndstooth scarf (Target), $1.36/wear
Black leggings
Tall black boots by Fitzwell, $2.19/wear

Outfit total: $11.89/wear

Is plaid + houndstooth a pattern mix too far?  I think it works pretty well--it helps that there is an expanse of solid colors between the two.

However, there's also the option of really mixing it up by wearing the two patterns intertwined with each other like this scarf from Express.

From Pinterest

This pair of rabbits reminds us that we can also add visual interest by using multiple textures.

In other news...Trump wants women in his government to "dress like woman."  Here's a fabulous round up of women dressing like women.


Jen M. said...

Turns out I dress like a woman every day. Yeah! (sigh)

Sally said...

But are you listening to the White House and wearing Ivanka Trump products? WTF, people.

mom said...

But, where are you going to buy Ivanka products? Nordstrom quit selling them. I guess we are on our own figuring it out!

Sally said...


Sally said...

Ain't capitalism a bitch.